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The Love Our Skin Craves

Jun 7, 2018 | Graduate Spotlight | 0 comments

Guest post by Emily Schromm, Founder of The Body Awareness Project and Evolved Motion There is a very delicate relationship that takes place between the voice in our head and the shell of our body. The essence of this shell we are in, including our shape, our senses, and our largest organ, skin, is how we partake in the world around us. This body we live in is our access to the world around us.    We all know this relationship can so easily get turbulent and when it is turbulent, it dictates everything: our confidence, our ability to make decisions, and our energy day-to-day. Not loving who we are or what we look like changes our ability to truly be who we are meant to be in this world.   I know this relationship well because, for me, it was nothing but turbulent for many years. My own insecurities of my acne and constantly distended stomach were only amplified after being picked to be on a reality TV show, having to watch myself on a national “mirror” and be consistently reminded that I disliked who I was. As I now know, the connection between a bloated belly and acne (and also self-esteem and confidence) were all a part of a bigger picture: my body was trying to tell me something, but then I cared about nothing else except the desperation to have skin I wasn’t ashamed of. I was desperate and would have tried anything for my acne. In fact, I did. Birth control, harsh prescription creams, and gels, Pro-Activ and scrubs so harsh that I felt like my skin was going to bleed. It wasn’t until after finding a CrossFit gym in 2011 that I finally heard the word “paleo”, and the moment I heard “could improve skin”, I was sold. THIS was my “body awareness moment”. The moment where it clicked and my life would forever be changed. Within days of making the most radical shift in my diet (from whole grains and non-fat Greek yogurt to fatty steaks and bacon brussels sprouts) I noticed improvements of my skin, my mood, and my stomach pains. The shift of looking in the mirror and only seeing a shell of a body to looking in the mirror and seeing someone curious, someone learning, someone CHANGING. That self-love cannot be replaced. The appreciation your body deserves is so often forgotten, but so often needed. It is what drove me into my career as a trainer, as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and the work I am doing to help others understand that self-appreciation. It is what drives me to understand the components of a healthy microbiome, a well-functioning liver, digestion, and food sensitivities. The effects on my skin of all the inner-workings of nutrients and nutrient absorption became somewhat of an obsession because I knew how impactful healing my skin was for me. If the first ingredient is self-appreciation and love for what your skin craves, I would like to finish with 3 simple additional things your skin is wanting the most. All three have been incredible in helping myself and my clients achieve their best skin yet.
  1.     Vitamin A: from animal sources like cod liver oil or beef liver capsules for thickening of the skin, and increased blood flow for regeneration and anti-aging
  2.     Zinc: take a chelated form for cell regrowth and healing, especially when inflamed
  3.     Vitamin C: topically (rose water) and through foods (kale, citrus, brussels sprouts) to help with our own collagen synthesis, to prevent aging, and for sun protection
Have you had your “body awareness moment’ yet? Are you giving your body what it needs the most?   Interested in learning more about Emily Schromm and The Body Awareness Project? Join her for a Facebook Live! Emily will be hosting a Facebook Live on the NTA’s Facebook page June 15th at 11 am PST.  Register for the live event.