New NTA Membership Information & Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal is to make joining our new membership program achievable and accessible for all graduates who wish to continue expanding their knowledge, growing their skillset, and connecting with fellow alumni who can offer both insight and encouragement as we work together to advance the mission of transforming the health of our communities.

Our new NTA Membership Program does not require CEUs to join and invites you enjoy wide variety of membership benefits as well as the community aspects. However, if you desire an extra level of professional credibility, you may submit 24hrs CEUs, at any point you complete them during your membership period, and the NTA will review them for $25 and issue the new Certificate of Continuing Education.  

    In addition to reducing our membership price from $199 to $99 every two years, our new membership program will also offer rolling renewals. Unlike our previous model where we had three renewal periods in March, July, and November that corresponded with graduation periods, this new model offers greater flexibility for our graduates to join at any time during the year and connect with the NTA graduate community, which offers you greater flexibility to enjoy our NTA community. Please read our comprehensive FAQs below and reach out to alumni@nutritionaltherapy.com if you have any questions about these exciting updates. 


    What are the benefits of the new NTA Membership?

    What is NEW about the NTA Membership?   

    • Membership is now $99 for two years  
    • You can earn a Certificate of Continuing Education with the submission of 24hrs of CEUs if you desire an extra level of professional credibility 
    • New all-in-one portal! It combines the Community Table (discussion board) + the NTA membership portal into one user-friendly site on a platform called, Canvas. Canvas is the platform our NTP online students use and houses the latest NTA Curriculum. It also offers an App for easy access on your phone!  
    • More online learning opportunities and engagement   
    • Discounted opportunities on additional NTA credentials (coming soon!)
    • More discounted access to programs created by NTA graduates and allied outside organizations
    • Improved customized listing on an NTA maintained database of practicing (F)NTPs (coming soon!)
    • NTA Member in Good Standing Badge logo for your website, marketing materials, and email signature
    • With more to come!  
    What are the continued benefits of NTA Membership that are carrying over from the previous program?
    • CEU Resources (both free and discounted)   
    • Discounted pricing on NutriQ (annual savings of $120)   
    • Access to the community forum where members can interact with each other as well as employees and instructors of the NTA (now housed in Canvas!) 
    • Discounted access to programs created by NTA graduates and allied outside organizations    
    • Exclusive pricing and access opportunities for NTA sponsored events 
    How do I get an NTA Membership Application?

    Please reach out to alumni@nutritionaltherapy.comto request an application. 

    How much will the new membership cost?

    Our new membership will cost $99 for a two-year renewal. The free and discounted continuing education opportunities, curriculum access, community forum, and exclusive Nutri-Q discount provided in the membership package will bring far more value than the cost to join. We are excited for you to experience the new platform and are confident you’ll find it worth the investment.  For those who have been members in the past, you’ll notice there is a significant discount in price from the previous membership while offering additional resources and opportunities. We wanted to honor your dedication and deliver a program that far outshines its price tag in the benefits and service it provides. 

    How do I apply for membership and get access to the new platform?

    The new membership program launched on March 1st, 2021. You will receive an email with an application for membership, below we’ve outlined the steps to this enrollment process:


    1. Submit Membership Application
      • Our team will review your application and issue an invoice for you to pay online via a debit or credit card only.
    2. Once you’ve submitted your payment, you will receive a series of emails:
      • All members will receive an onboarding email for the new NTA Membership Portal on Canvas: 
        • You will receive two emails regarding login – an email from Canvas with your login credentialand an email from our team with a video tutorial and instructions on how to login to your account.  
        • You will also receive an email outlining the opportunity to earn the Certificate of Continuing Education via CEUs. You can pursue this opportunity now if you are interested or it will always be available to you during your membership.
    3. Once you are in the new NTA Membership Portal, you will have access to all the new membership resources and discussion boards.
      • If you are pursuing the Certificate of Continuing Education, you will gain the ability to submit your 24hrs of CEUs via Folio. To earn the Certificate of Continuing Education, you must also submit a $25 invoice for a CEU review fee. .


    Is my NTA Membership tied to my (F)NTP Credential?

    No, the NTA made a policy change in late 2020 that (F)NTP Credentials will no longer expire. Your (F)NTP designation will always remain active and no longer needs renewal. Your NTA Membership is separate from your credential and is now considered a professional membership. If your NTA membership is lapsed or expired, it does not impact your ability to practice as an (F)NTP. Your credential will always remain valid (except in rare cases where legal scope of practice or code of ethics standards are violated.) 

    I am a graduate of the NTA and am currently a member in good standing, what does this mean for me?

    We deeply value your commitment to continuing your education and staying connected with the NTA community. As a member in good standing, you are entitled to the Certificate of Continuing Education with an expiration date good through the duration of your current membership. You may submit a one-time request for a digital copy of this certificate as well as your updated (F)NTP Certificate without an expiration date, if you don’t already, by completing the Certificate of Completion Request Form or the Certificate of Continuing Education Request Form. (Forms are available here 

    Your current membership includes access to the existing membership resources including the current portal on the NTA’s website and Community Table. Your access to the current NTA member portal and Community Table will remain until your current membership expires. If you want to get access to the new membership portal and resources, you will need to join the new membership program. 

    My current membership expired in December 2020; how does this impact me?

    During the challenges of 2020, the NTA extended the memberships of those who were due to expire this year through the end of December so you could allocate your finances to other more pressing needs. We understand that many people were anxious about renewing specifically because it was tied to the use of your (F)NTP credentials—but that has changed with this updated policy and we want to be sure everyone understands they may practice as an (F)NTP with the Certificate of Completion they earned and do not need to do anything else to maintain that credential. If you do desire the ongoing connection, discounts to vetted continuing education opportunities, curriculum access, Nutri-Q discount, and the host of other benefits that come along with the NTA Membership, we look forward to welcoming you to the new membership platform!  Simply complete the NTA Membership application, pay your $99 membership fee, and enjoy all that comes with your new 2-year membership!  

    If I can practice as an (F)NTP with just my Certificate of Completion, what is the benefit to me professionally to become an NTA Member?

    We know that our community is made up of passionate, lifelong learners who want to grow and expand their skillset continuously. While becoming an NTA Member does not change your designation or scope of practice, it does provide you with a wide variety of free and discounted continuing education opportunities that can help you build out your area of expertise and stay abreast of the latest information in the rapidly evolving field of nutrition. Additionally, staying connected in the community will provide you with lasting professional connections and opportunities for collaboration. The NTA will be providing members with a (F)NTP Practitioner Directory so future clients will be able to find youWe will also have an NTA Member badge that you will be able to add to your website, marketing materials, or email signature to designate yourself as an NTA member. If you choose to seek the Certificate of Continuing Education, you maintain as part of the membership program also allows you to display evidence of your dedication to excellence and commitment to advancing your knowledge as an (F)NTP

    I am a current student; how does this new membership program impact me?

    The new membership model with the Certificate of Continuing Education opportunity is an exciting benefit our students will get to experience upon graduation. When you graduate, you will receive your Certificate of Completion as an NTP as well as a free 6-month trial membership. During that time, you will have access to all of the membership benefits, excluding a Certificate of Continuing Education unless you submit 24hrs of CEUs during that time. You will be provided with many opportunities to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to help you get started towards your continued professional learning and the opportunity to earn the Certificate of Continuing Education. You will be notified once your 6-month trial membership is completed and will have the option to renew your membership for another two years for $99.

    I graduated from an NTA program but did not maintain my membership. What are my options?

    As a graduate of an NTA program, you are entitled to Certificate of Completion that displays the (F)NTP designation you earned without an expiration date. You can submit a one-time request for a digital copy of this Certificate of Completion, if you do not already have one, by completing the Certificate of Completion Request Form. (Forms are available here 

    If you wish to re-engage with the new membership programwe’d love to welcome you back! You will simply need to complete the NTA Membership application and pay the membership renewal fee of $99. From there, you would be eligible to take the one-time only option of the CE exam in March 2021 or complete CEUs to earn towards your Certificate of Continuing Education, if you choose.  

    What happens if I need to skip a renewal but want to rejoin later?

    We understand there are ebbs and flows in everyone’s life and some years you may not be able to engage in continuing education or have different financial priorities. If you are unable to renew when your two years of membership come to a close, you will lose access to the benefits of NTA Membership, but the door will always be open for you to join again whenever you are ready. 

    Who should I contact if I have questions about membership?

    The NTA’s Community Affairs team is excited to support you in your graduate journey and we are available to answer any questions you have about our membership program. The quickest way to receive an answer is to email them directly at alumni@nutritionaltherapy.com.

    What is your refund/cancellation policy?

    We are committed to providing valuable, empowering resources to our NTA Members. If you are unsatisfied with the benefits and opportunities available to you through our membership program, we first invite you to connect with the Community Affairs Team at alumni@nutritionaltherapy.com to share more about what you’d like to see to get the most out of your membership. If we cannot accommodate your needs and you are within the first 30 days of your membership subscription, you can receive a refund of the membership renewal fee less a $25 processing fee. After the 30-day window, there are no refunds available, but we will continue to collaborate to find ways to support your satisfaction. 


    What is the Certificate of Continuing Education?

    Our new membership program will offer greater flexibility to meet your needs. Not only is membership an added layer of professional credibility, but our team will also be able to provide you with a Certificate of Continuing Education. The Certificate of Continuing Education signifies that you are a nutrition professional that is committed to continued learning, expertise, and credibility in your field. This certificate is also a rolling opportunity you may submit your 24hs of CEUs when you have them completed, at your convenience, in the new membership portal and submit them with a $25 review fee. 

    If I want to earn the Certificate of Continuing Education, is there a certain timeframe in which the CEUs must be earned?

    Although you can apply for your Certificate of Continuing Education at any time in your membership journey, the CEUs you submit must be earned within 24 months of the date you are submitting your application. So, you if you are applying for your Certificate of Continuing Education on July 30, 2021, for example, all CEUs submitted must be earned between July 30, 2019 and July 30, 2021. Exception for those with renewal dates in 2020, you may use the CEUs you planned to submit for your 2020 renewal until December 31st2021. 

    I am board certified through the NANP; would I need to do separate continuing education for the NTA?

    The NANP’s certification carries its own designation and set of benefits that differ from what the NTA’s membership provides. Since we greatly value the third-party certification the NANP offers holistic nutrition professionals, we want to make it simple for those who desire to be part of both organizations to stay current. Those graduates who are board certified through the NANP can simply submit proof of their renewal with the NANP to the NTA via Folio and we will accept that as sufficient documentation of your CEUs towards the Certificate of Continuing Education 

    Paying for the membership and paying for CEUs gets expensive. Will the NTA provide any support for its members in obtaining CEUs affordably?

    We appreciate the rising costs of quality continuing education options and are excited to help our members remain on the cutting edge of information without breaking the bank.  In response to this, the NTA reduced the price of membership from $199 to $99 for two-years of membership. Additionally, it is our commitment to provide monthly free events and financially accessible resources as much as possible, while also collaborating with third parties and graduates who have created valuable pre-approved programs at a discounted or free rate. 

    Do supplement companies require the Certificate of Continuing Education to grant me an account, or does the Certificate of Completion suffice?

    To our knowledge, the majority of supplement companies and vendors that grant accounts to (F)NTPs only require the Certificate of Completion for verification of your eligibility. Should you encounter a company that requires an expiration date, then you will need to consider pursuing the Certificate of Continuing Education as that is the only document, we provide with an expiration date. 

    Do the CEUs I earn still have to fall into certain categories?

    To maintain your Certificate of Continuing Education, at least 14 of the 24 CEUs do need to fall under the umbrella of “health related.” The remaining 10 can be business related or further health related topics.