Turn your passion for nutrition or health and wellness into a heart-centered career

Receive a bio-individual, science-based education that will give you the tools and confidence to transform lives!

Education for People Who Believe in Nutrient-Dense Food

The Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) Program is uniquely based on a foundational holistic approach to nutrition that honors the bio-individuality of our bodies. The NTP Program teaches you specific tools for supporting clients and assessing the body’s nutritional needs using the body’s innate intelligence, thoughtfully prepared whole foods, and lifestyle factors.

Instructor-led education

Unlike other online, self-guided programs, you’ll receive guided teaching, individualized feedback, experienced wisdom, practical assessment tools, and personal support from industry experts and practitioners.


Our program is instructor-led and fully online to accommodate your specific schedule and needs. Study when it’s convenient for you while still receiving the benefits and camaraderie of doing class with passionate like-minded students.

Bio-individual approach

We believe there is no one-size-fits-all diet. You’ll learn how to honor each person’s body as unique and understand what foods and nutrients best support balance and function for you and your client’s specific needs. You’ll be an expert in assessing unique symptoms and will practice with mock clients (and eventually real practice clients!) early on in your curriculum. You’ll receive rich practical experience that will translate to successful outcomes for you and your clients.

Depth of study

Our program dives deep, allowing you to understand the root cause of nutritional imbalances and deficiencies and learn what it takes to correct them. We explore how the body’s systems work together (hello, anatomy and physiology!) so that our students have a robust understanding of the key systems that are affected by and supported through nutritional therapy. You’ll not only receive the competence but confidence to practice successfully as soon as you graduate!

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Real success.

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Alison Marras, NTP

 I wanted to be able to speak in a clinical setting with doctors and have the tools and background to stay up to date on the latest studies, to feel purposeful in what I teach to my audience and clients. After chatting with former graduates of the NTA and familiarizing myself more with the curriculum, I knew this was the one.

Kyle Hackley, FNTP

I feel empowered in a way I never thought possible before to help others, and this course has changed my life and career forever.

Eleni Chechopoulis, FNTP

I  was able to quit my job within my first year as an FNTP and now do this work full-time!