Ripple Effect Grant 

Up to $5,000 to share life-changing nutrition education!

Our primary goal at the NTA is to provide the education (F)NTPs need to take the hope and power of a nutrient-dense diet into their communities. While so much growth happens for students during the program, the true impact– the ripple effect of life transformation–is accomplished outside of the classroom as our alumni share their passion and knowledge with others and people discover their ability to influence their health destinies.

We are so inspired by the way our graduates are sharing their message and carrying this knowledge beyond their own walls that we have challenged ourselves to find ways to extend the NTA’s tangible support beyond the boundaries of the classroom. As we reflected on how we could make a difference in your efforts to spread wellness, we asked ourselves “what barriers are standing in the way of our graduates reaching every community with this life changing health education?” 

The answer came back to that universal key to access—money. Our graduates have incredible ideas and deep passion for helping people reclaim their health, but often, even if they have the funds to get an initiative started, its reach is limited to those who can pay for the services of an NTP.

Impacting Communities

    In an effort to put a dent in that barrier and equip NTPs with financial support to extend their ripple of impact into communities that need access to sustainable fresh foods, educational resources, or coaching support, the NTA is excited to announce the launch of our Ripple Effect Grant! 

    Each year, the NTA is offering a grant of up to $5,000 to an (F)NTP who shares this vision and has a plan to bring applicable, accessible nutrition education to a group or community that wants the opportunity to explore this aspect of health.  

    Bringing it to Life

    Maybe you’ve always dreamed of helping a local school develop a gardening program that provides fresh food for kids to enjoy and bring home to their families. Perhaps your driving goal is to create a grassroots farmers’ market in an area experiencing food apartheid. This could be your chance to use a neighborhood chili cook-off as a springboard for a health revolution. Or maybe you have a creative brainchild that we’ve never considered! Whatever your vision is for reaching more communities with holistic nutrition, the Ripple Effect Grant is your opportunity to bring it to life and make it happen. 

    Application Process

    Our 2024 Ripple Effect Grant application will open in early spring and is only available to NTA Graduates. It’s time to get your wheels turning on how you could use this grant to share wellness with another community. We are so excited to see your ideas and lend our support. 

    We are honored to partner with you in this mission and look forward to celebrating the ripple of wellness that your efforts will generate. 


    We will be offering the Ripple Effect Grant annually. Keep an eye out for more details coming via email and make sure that nta@nutritionaltherapy.com is on your safe sender list.