NTA Membership Application

Welcome to the new NTA Membership Program! We are thrilled you are here.

What are the benefits of joining the NTA Membership Program?    

  • Membership is $99 for two years 
  • New all-in-one membership portal! It combines the Community Table (discussion board) + the NTA membership portal into one user-friendly site on a platform called, Canvas. Canvas is the platform our NTP online students use and houses the latest NTA Curriculum. It also offers an App for easy access on your phone! 
  • CEU Resources (both free and discounted)
  • Discounted pricing on Nutri–Q (annual savings of $120)
  • More online learning opportunities and engagement 
  • Access to the community forum where members can interact with each other as well as employees and instructors of the NTA (now housed in Canvas!)
  • Discounted opportunities on additional NTA credentials (coming soon!)
  • More discounted access to programs created by NTA graduates and allied outside organizations
  • NTA Member in Good Standing Badge logo for your website, marketing materials, and email signature
  • Exclusive pricing and access opportunities for NTA sponsored events
  • Improved customized listing on an NTA maintained database of practicing (F)NTPs (coming soon!)
  • With more to come!  

Membership is now offering greater flexibility for our graduates to join at any time during the year and is not tied to your graduate date. The NTA Membership does not require graduates to submit CEUs to enjoy membership benefits and to connection with the NTA Community.  

Please read our comprehensive FAQs and reach out to alumni@nutritionaltherapy.com if you have any questions about these exciting updates. 

Need a NTA Membership application? 

Please emailalumni@nutritionaltherapy.comto request an application.