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Our graduates come from all walks of life and live in many corners of the world. Below are just a few of our graduates and what they have to say about their experience in the program. Hover over the leaf pins to see more.

Beth Manos Brickey is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, registered yoga teacher, and the force behind Tasty Yummies, a top lifestyle blog for readers with a wide range of dietary challenges who want to feel good, take control of their health and eat well.


“I enrolled in the NTA’s training program because of the solid training, grounded in real food, and the pioneering work of some of the world’s greatest healers.”

Sara Russell

NTP, CGP, Creator of Feed Your Fertile Body!


“When I found the Nutritional Therapy Association everything changed, not just for me, but my family and my clients. I truly discovered the underlying multilayered workings for our health and WHY FOOD MEANS EVERYTHING …”

Leanne Scott

NTP, IHS, FDN-P, RWS, Founder of Pure Core Nourishment

“After several years of searching for answers, I was led to the NTA. I found that it was the missing link to my education. I am beyond blessed for the NTA and the pathway of holistic wellness it has led me to.”

Amy M. Yates

NTP, The Grocery Girl


“The information and functional tools that are taught are unique to this program and I don’t know of anywhere else you can receive such training. The instruction was not only phenomenally informative but interesting and enjoyable as well.”

Kristi Cooke

NTP, Eugene, Ore.