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Nutritional Therapy Association Review: What Our Grads Are Saying

Jun 7, 2019 | Graduate Spotlight, Interviews | 0 comments

Nutritional Therapy Association Review

Trying to decide if the NTA is the right path for you? Watch our grads share their Nutritional Therapy Association review.

You’re here most likely because you’ve been contemplating a career in nutrition. You’re often the go-to for nutrition advice in your friend and family circle but you’re wanting to take your holistic nutrition education to the next level. We know the importance of being able to envision what your practice could look like. That’s why we’ve compiled videos from some of our notable graduates who have graciously shared their Nutritional Therapy Association review.

It’s not enough for our team to tell you why becoming certified in Nutritional Therapy would be the most transformative decision you could make. We want you to hear directly from the NTPs and NTCs who are in the trenches and serving their communities. 


Caitlin Crowell


Cait Crowell, NTP of What Cait Ate







Steph Gaudreau



Steph Gaudreau, NTC of Harder to Kill Radio







Mandy Meehan


Mandy Meehan, NTP









Liz Wolfe


Liz Wolfe, NTP of Real Food Liz










Amie Tollefsrud


Aime Tollesfrud, NTP of Rebelle Nutrition








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