Step 7: Optimize Your Energy

Foundational Wellness Overview » Step 7: Optimize Your Energy
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How to Optimize Energy Through Nutrition & Hydration

Are your energy levels adequate for taking care of the daily necessities AND doing the things you love? If you are like most people, you would likely appreciate more energy and better performance in your daily life.  In this lesson, we discuss the 3 ways cellular energy is created in the body, which nutrients support these processes, and how you can get and stay hydrated so you perform better in your day to day routines and still have energy to pursue your passions.

How to Fuel Your Body for Optimal Performance

If you engage in athletic activities, regular exercise, or vigorous sporting events—your body needs even more support to maintain optimal energy and performance levels. Fueling your body for optimal performance should be intuitive, flexible, and bioindividual, but there are some general guidelines all athletes should consider. This lesson covers the pros and cons of different fuel sources, dietary strategies, and hydration approaches that will support peak athletic performance.

How to Move Your Body for Optimal Health

So far, we have discussed a wide variety of food-based nutrients, lifestyle factors, and mindset approaches that can transform the health of your entire being—but there is one more critical element that is become an endangered species in our world: movement. In this lesson, you learn the distinction between movement and exercise and discover both the myriad benefits of movement and the different ways we can incorporate it throughout the day to experience improved health and happiness.

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