Step 6: Rest & Restore

Foundational Wellness Overview » Step 6: Rest & Restore
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Reduce Stress through Meditation, Mindfulness & Movement

While the foods you eat and the nutrients you absorb are paramount in the discussion of optimal health, there are many other lifestyle factors that impact your wellbeing and affect the success of your health journey. In this lesson, you learn how to manage stress–one of the most common hindrances to robust wellness. By implementing the meditation, mindfulness, and movement techniques presented here, you will be armed with powerful tools to change your response so the unavoidable stresses of life don’t derail your progress.

Optimize Sleep Through Light, Food & Movement

Good sleep seems illusive in today’s modern world. Whether by choice (working or playing until the wee hours) or by consequence (insomnia or chronic sleep deprivation), getting a good night’s rest has become difficult for many of us and is another lifestyle roadblock to health. This lesson demonstrates how critical quality sleep is to overall wellbeing and will equip you with key changes to make to your sleeping environment, eating patterns, and exercise habits to naturally get better sleep without potentially harmful and addictive medications.

Maximize Happiness Through Play, Connection & Service

Beyond the health of the body, so many people today are searching for health of the soul. More than ever, humans are unhappy, unfulfilled, and isolated from others due to our modern values, social structures, and epidemic of busyness. As you will discover in this lesson, your happiness has a tremendous impact on all aspects of your health and is an asset you should be actively developing and fiercely protecting. Dive in to learn three effective ways to increase enjoyment, fulfillment, and connection in your life so you can enjoy true wellness.

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