Step 5: Absorb What You Eat

Foundational Wellness Overview » Step 5: Absorb What You Eat
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How Digestion is Supposed to Work

Discovering how food moves through and interacts with your body is key to helping you understand the lifestyle and dietary changes you can make to move toward optimal health. This lesson provides an overview of how optimal digestion works, and how our body converts the food we eat into fuel and the basic building blocks of our cells. This ideal functionality is the goal we are striving for as we pursue healing and long-term health.

How Digestion Can Be Derailed

We have now seen how digestion SHOULD work if everything is in balance and functioning. However, a more common view we see today are the ways digestion can be dysfunctional. In this lesson, you learn some of the ways the digestive system gets derailed from its optimal function, and how breaks in the nutrient rail line can contribute to many health challenges in our modern culture.

How to Optimize Gut Health & Absorb More Nutrients

Now that we know how digestion is supposed to work, and the many ways in which things can go wrong in our modern world, what can we do to bring our digestion back into balance? This lesson focuses on three main strategies you can use to improve gut health and ensure you are absorbing all the high-quality nutrients you consume—remember, you are what you absorb, so this step is critical for achieving your health goals.

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