Step 8: Balance Your Mind & Body

Foundational Wellness Overview » Step 8: Balance Your Mind & Body
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How to Support Detoxification

The word “detox” has been so overused and abused that most people don’t know what it truly means and now believe detoxification is something you have to buy or do. The reality is that your body already has a variety of powerful pathways to naturally remove the toxins we consume, inhale, put on our skin, or produce through normal bodily processes. This lesson discusses how the detoxification process works, ways it can go wrong, and how to support the natural function of your innate detoxification systems so your body can process toxins effectively.

How to Cultivate a Healthy Body Image

We can change our bodies through bioindividual nutrition and we can change our lives through mindfulness. The key to progress, however, is not putting off happiness and self-love to some future date. No matter where you are in your health journey, you can choose to love your life and body now.  This lesson empowers you to redefine your standards of health and beauty so you can focus on nourishment, tune out the negativity of media messages, and tune in to your own body to determine what optimal health looks like for you.

How Food, Lifestyle & Mindset Support Healing

If you are struggling with an autoimmune disease, fertility issues, or another chronic health challenge, this lesson explains how to better hear the messages from your body and how to help support your body’s innate ability to heal through nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset. We talk specifically about autoimmunity and fertility, but the underlying imbalances and root causes apply to most of the common chronic health conditions faced by modern societies.

Step 8 Resources

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