Step 2: Design Your Environment

Foundational Wellness Overview » Step 2: Design Your Environment
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Give Your Fridge & Pantry a Makeover

We might not be able to control everything that goes on out in the world, but we can at least control what foods we decide to buy and which we decide to keep in our homes. This lesson teaches you how to give your refrigerator and pantry a makeover by removing the foods that cause you harm so you can replace them with foods that serve your health, fuel your body, and help reprogram your genes.

Detoxify Your Home

Many of us are aware of the benefits of nutritional detoxification—but few of us ever think of the importance of detoxifying our external environments. It is critical to focus on detoxifying your home because you can eat the cleanest diet and do all the exercise in the world, but your health will still suffer if you live in a toxic environment. If you have a lot of conventional products in your home, there is a good chance that many of them contain chemical compounds that are less than ideal for your health. In this lesson, you discover what ingredients to watch out for and how you can buy or DIY safer options for your home and family.

Manage Social Pressure & Resistance

Humans are social creatures who are happiest and healthiest when we have deep connections with other people. Since our modern environment is so out of alignment with our genetic programming, living in a truly healthy way often requires going against the grain of societal norms—which can make other people uncomfortable. Fortunately, the choice is not between having friends and living a healthy life. With a little patience and perseverance, you can have both! This lesson equips you with three techniques to minimize frustration, ease communication, and help you can stick to your chosen lifestyle without alienating those you know and love.

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