Step 1: Begin Your Healing Journey

Foundational Wellness Overview » Step 1: Begin Your Healing Journey
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Get Empowered, Get Started

Taking this course is a powerful step in your health journey—and the most important factor in your success will be the mindset you approach it with! This lesson guides you to develop personalized mindset mantras to help you align your goals with your actions, empower you to leverage your unique personality type and understand how you operate, and will reveal just how much your attitude can impact your results. Progress begins the moment you start—so let’s dive in! 

Define Your WHY, Create Effective Systems & Take Action

We have all set goals in the past that we never achieved for one reason or another—so how do you ensure that the desires you have for your personal health or the health of your loved ones will become reality? The key to achievement lies in connecting with your why, formulating attainable, measurable goals, developing new habit systems, and learning strategies to make meaningful consistent action—all skills this lesson teaches you!

Bioindividuality, Epigenetics & The Foundations

“Bioindividuality” is a word you will hear throughout this and other NTA courses. This is because when it comes to nutrition and health, there is never a one size fits all approach that is optimal for everyone– we are unique bioindividuals with different needs. In this lesson, you learn why your genes do not control your fate and discover the foundational considerations of nutrition and the lifestyle factors that must be in balance for all individuals to heal. When you combine the bioindividual approach with a respect to the Foundations, you have a winning formula to discover what YOUR body needs to be at its best.

Step 1 Resources

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