Learn More From Our Annual Conference Speaker, Julia Ross, author of The Craving Cure

Learn More From Our Annual Conference Speaker, Julia Ross, author of The Craving Cure


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Learn More From Our Annual Conference Speaker, Julia Ross, author of The Craving Cure

Speaker highlight

Julia Ross

Julia Ross, M.A. is a neuro-nutrient therapy pioneer and  author of the best-selling books:  The Mood Cure,  The Diet Cure,  and her new book,  Craving CureShe is an internationally recognized expert in the use of  amino acids and associated therapies for the treatment of eating disorders, addictions, mood problems, over-stress, and insomnia. She  trains and certifies health professionals,  lectures widely,  and  oversees a  virtual clinic for food cravers.  She has been frequently featured in print,  online,  and  on radio  and television. 

In 1994, she began educating health professionals at John F. Kennedy University’s Graduate Psychology Program. She is currently an instructor in the Nutrition and Addiction Program at Drexel University, and the director of The Craving Cure Virtual Clinic and The NeuroNutrient Therapy Institute. 

Julia has been featured in publications like Vogue Magazine and The Journal of Molecular Psychiatry. She has authored articles that have been published in Counselor Magazine, the Journal of the American Psychological Association, the Townsend Letter, Practical Pain Management, and elsewhere. 

Some of her additional achievements include:

  • + Named to the Executive Committee and the Chairpersonship of Treatment Standards Committee of the Alliance for Addiction Solutions (2008)
  • + Outstanding Innovator Award by The Weston A. Price Foundation (2005)
  • + Awarded by California State Indian Health Services for providing training and consulting to California’s Native American tribal clinics on effective nutritional strategies for recovery from alcohol and drug addiction (1997)
  • + National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (N.I.A.A.A.) Fellowship (1974)


Join us at the conference!

Julia Ross will be speaking on Rootless: Retrieving Our Lost Appetite Guidance System 

What you’ll learn:

  • How specific changes in the U.S. diet introduced in the 1970s have led to our current epidemic of ultra-processed food addiction.
  • How ultra-processed foods create deficits in the brain’s five appetite-regulating neurotransmitters and its blood glucose supply.
  • How targeted amino acid therapy quickly restores optimal appetite-signaling in the brain eliminating cravings for toxic foods, and allows for compliance with healthy dietary recommendations. 

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Watch Julia Ross on a Facebook Live

Want to learn even more about Julia Ross and restoring appetite-signaling? Watch the playback of her Facebook live.