Christie Banners, BA, NTP, Reiki Master

Christie’s path to nutrition started with her own health crisis. The idea that food could heal was transformative and led to a complete career change and new life direction. The health changes experienced in her own home brought her to Nutritional Therapy and to the need to share this information as broadly as possible. She comes from a long line of educators and storytellers and is thrilled to be able to share this life changing knowledge with students and clients alike.  

She lives in Michigan with her husband and two children. She values spending time cooking and eating delightful food with her family and friends. Healthy food and family balanced with an active lifestyle, a strong community and time outside are important to her.

In her previous roles and corporate career, Christie enjoyed leading small and large groups through communication, negotiation and change. She is a magna cum laude graduate of Hillsdale College with double majors in French and Business Administration/Marketing.  She lived in France for part of her academic career and uses her diverse life, educational and professional experiences to relate to her clients and students.  Her style is one of encouragement and expectation. She inspires hope and confidence in her clients and her students alike.

As a practitioner, her approach is one of compassion, education and encouragement. Her practice has evolved to cater to caregivers and practitioners of many kinds. She is convinced that by improving the health and wellbeing of caregivers and providers, we touch countless lives. Christie enjoys people and has fun with her work. The idea that nutrition and food should be delicious, pleasurable and communal is a strong part of her approach. As a Reiki Master, she uses concepts of balancing energy as well as balancing nutrition to support her clients’ healing journeys. She is also trained as a Certified Master Gardener and uses that understanding of how soil, nutrients, and plants interact with each other, animals, and us in her thoughts and teaching.

Christie also provides nutrition workshops to medical offices and local organizations, as well as childrens’ sports teams and groups. Her goal is to make it feel easy and approachable to eat well and feel great. She is a naturally curious person who is constantly learning and encourages that curiosity and excitement in everyone she encounters.