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Do you want to…

  • Go deeper with clients on digestive, hormonal, and complex conditions such as autoimmunity, PCOS, and more?
  • Feel more confident in your practice and make a larger impact in a more structured way?
  • Have a fully booked practice with tons of amazing testimonials and referrals?


Would that change the game for you and your ability to grow and help others?


We’ve seen hundreds of health coaches and other wellness professionals sky rocket their careers after becoming Nutritional Therapy Practitioners, building successful, sought-after practices, programs, online courses, publishing books, and getting featured.



Do you know the difference?

Health Coaches

  • Develop self-management strategies to maintain positive health, lifestyle and behavioral changes
  • Provide guidance and support clients in achieving health goals and behavorial change based on clients’ own goals and consistent with treatment plan as prescribed by individual clients’ professional health care providers

Nutritional Therapy Practitioners

  • Advise individuals, families, and communities on how to imrpove diet, lifestyle, and attitude to promote optimal health
  • Work with a licensed health care provider to help individuals with previously diagnosed illnesses to indentify biochemical imbalances and toxicities that contribute to poor health
  • Offer knowledge and support that’s founded on evidence-based and holistic principles that promote active lifestyles and teach healthy dietary changes
Learn more about the NTA

The Nutritional Therapy Association (NTA) changes the paradigm of nutrition by delivering an ancestral perspective with integrity that’s rooted in the power of real food and scientific function of the body. We go beyond food to include agricultural economic justice and environmental sustainability, championing sustainable local and organic food production, and the environment. The NTA’s passionate community has one dedicated focus: tdeliver a science-based education that equips and connects a community of confident holistic nutrition professionals to harness the power of real food, reconnecting each person to the unique needs and innate wisdom of their bodies to support lasting wellness. 

While every community has its beliefs around what they eat, none match the dedication, passion, and knowledge of the NTA’s community. Our instructors, staff, students, and graduates are unified by their common purpose and strong desire to help others.

The NTA offers an instructor-led, fully online, 10-month Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Program. This program is first in class, is evidence-based, backed by science, and prioritizes bio-individuality.

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Hear what some of our Health Coaches turned NTPs have to say:


“Health Coaching was a great first step into this world for me, but I knew I needed more. Becoming an NTP after enhanced my depth of knowledge, experience, and expertise in the field. My confidence to practice and make this my career sky-rocketed after my education at the NTA. It was everything I was looking for and more, to get amazing results for my clients suffering with digestive, hormonal issues and chronic illness. I’m forever grateful for the impact it’s made on my own personal life, my career, and that of my clients, allowing me to make a difference in the world.”

Alison Marras, NTP, RYT


If you’re a health coach and are feeling at all uncertain about how to create effective and truly bio-individual nutritional protocols for your clients, you need the NTP program. As a health coach myself, the NTP program was a game-changer for my confidence as a practitioner, my understanding of functional nutrition, and for the results I get with clients.” 

Jessica Pantermuehl, FTNP, CHHC

Founder, Holistic Entrepreneur Association