Step 4: Eat Good Fats

Foundational Wellness Overview » Step 4: Eat Fat to Lose Fat
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Why You Need Fat & Cholesterol to Thrive

For decades we have been taught to fear fat and cholesterol as the villains of health—but by the end of this lesson, you will have an entirely different perspective! Do you want balanced hormones? Sustained energy throughout the day? Healthy, controlled cell growth? Optimal brain function and greater mental clarity? Of course, we all do! As you will learn, healthy fats and cholesterol help mediate all of this and are critical components of each and every one of our trillions of cells. We need fat and cholesterol to be healthy—come discover why!

Healthy vs. Harmful Fats

Once we understand how critical fat is to the health and function of our bodies, the next step is to understand the difference between traditional healthy fats that nourish and industrialized fake fats that destroy. This lesson guides you to understanding which fats to avoid, which fats to include, and how to use healthy fats optimally for both nutrition and taste.

Eat Fat to Lose Fat

Now that we have addressed many of the common myths about fat, it is time to dispel the one that has some of the deepest roots—the notion that eating fat will make you fat. In this lesson, you discover how eating more fat and fewer carbohydrates can shift your metabolic state to burn fat for energy, resulting in more stabilized energy, lower insulin levels, and sustainable weight loss.


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