Step 3: Eat Real Food

Foundational Wellness Overview » Step 3: Eat Real Food
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Eat Nutrient-Dense, Whole Foods

In Step 2, you removed the foods from your fridge and pantry that don’t serve your specific goals. Now it’s time to restock your home with delicious, nutrient-dense foods that will nourish your body, fuel your brain, and boost your energy levels. Real food may cost more pound for pound than processed foods in the short-term, but it is a fabulous long-term investment. In this lesson, you learn what events have led to our modern nutritional degradation and discover the answer to one of life’s most puzzling questions—what should you eat?

Source Your Foods from Healthy Plants & Animals

In this lesson, you discover that where you source your food is just as important as what you eat. Many people spend lots of time and energy thinking about what they put in their mouths but give little thought to what nourished the plants and animals they are consuming. The reality is, how your food is grown and raised has a tremendous impact on your own body—so it should be at the forefront of your mind when you decide how to spend your food dollar.

Prepare Your Food Properly

Now that you know what foods to eat and where to source them—it is time to address the most exciting element—how to prepare them! In this lesson, you learn the keys to planning, shopping, storing, prepping, and preparing nutrient dense meals in ways that enhance bioavailability of nutrients, are convenient for our busy lives, and taste incredible.

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