Class starts in five weeks!

Time for a Tech Tune Up!

Hi there,

Growing up, I was one of “those kids” who loved when it was time to go back to school! There was nothing quite as exciting as picking out the perfect Lisa Frank binder, stocking up on a rainbow assortment of stretch pants, and making sure my pencils had precisely sharpened tips (yes, I am dating myself AND revealing my nerd status!). Now that I am an adult, that love of learning and excitement when I start a new program is even stronger since I am choosing the path for my education and learning the information I feel is important. I imagine many of you are feeling the same tingles of anticipation as the start of your NTP Online program is just around the corner! Although no stretch pants and epic binders are required, there are some essential digital tools you will want to start gathering or tune up as you prepare for your first day!

Since the majority of your coursework will be completed online (there are a few assignments that will ask you to engage with actual people in the world around you), there are some key tech specs you will want to have dialed in to make sure you can fully participate and engage with all the features of the course. It is really ideal to have a laptop or desktop computer to get the best experience with our online learning environment and to ensure you have adequate storage for downloading/saving course materials like videos you will want to reference in the future. To participate effectively, your computer will need to have:

  • A high-speed Internet connection
  • The latest version of Chrome or Safari
  • JavaScript enabled
  • Cookies enabled
  • Adobe Flash Player 10.1 or newer
  • A webcam or a cell phone with a quality video capable camera (for participating in weekly lecture calls and for some assignments that require video submission)

Your First Homework Assignment: Set Up Zoom and Youtube Accounts

Class hasn’t started, but I am giving you your first homework assignment to ensure you are reading to rock when class begins February 10th—create a free Youtube account and a free Zoom account. You will use these platforms for engaging in the weekly lectures, holding your own meetings for group projects, and creating and submitting video assignments. Our stellar Instructional Technology Coordinator, Nicole Kraft, has created a helpful tutorial video to walk you through how to create these accounts if you need support. View the tutorial here: https://vimeo.com/382681339/e6c4366aa3

Don’t wait until class begins to ensure your tech specs are up to speed and you have your accounts, there will be enough new goodies to explore when you gain access to the online classroom—so get these basics out of the way now and you’ll have more fun when the real work begins!

I hope you enjoy prepping your tech as you wait for class to start. Please let me know if you run into any issues or if you have questions—I am here to make your journey as smooth as possible!

Wishing you true and total wellness,


The NTA Student Experience and Curriculum Quality Team

Nutritional Therapy Association

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Class starts in six weeks!

Your Required Reading List for the NTP Online Program is Here! 

Hi there,

For those of you counting down the days until class starts–the waiting will get a little easier now because you can finally order your books! While you can’t get a jump start on your specific course assignments, you can begin exploring the books and immersing yourself in the content so your brain will be ready to rock on the first day of class. Below you will find some general FAQs as well as links to purchase the titles you need to support your educational journey. I hope this information helps you get 2020 off to a tremendous start–fueling your passion and pursuing your dreams is the best way I can think of to kick off a new decade!


Reading & Homework Load

Students are required to read the texts on the following pages to complete their NTA program. Depending on the module and book in question, you may be asked to read some books from beginning to end, and only specific sections of others.

We recommend that you budget about 20 hours per week on average to complete the assigned reading, watch required videos, and complete homework. The reading list is released prior to the start of class so you can gather your materials. While not required, you can start reading books as soon as you have the list if you want to immerse your mind and be more prepared for the course material.

Book Purchasing

The required reading materials can be purchased at any major bookstore or online book retailer. Many titles can also be found at your local library. Note that all proceeds from the Amazon affiliate links listed in the tables below go to the Jennifer Pecot Scholarship Fund that supports future students taking the program. Additionally, books may be available used through other online marketplaces to reduce overall costs.

The Price-Pottenger Foundation offers the required reading for NTA programs (except for the two term original content choice books) in a bundled package along with additional bonuses including free U.S. shipping (discounted international shipping), free membership to the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation with a practitioner listing, and three free books! This bundle is approved for all students that start the NTPO Program in February 2020. To take advantage of these exciting bonuses, please visit PPNF and find the bundle here: PPNF BUNDLE

Book Formats

You may purchase whichever book formats best suit your learning style and budget, depending on publishing formats available, be it digital or hard copy.


The five books listed below are required reading throughout your coursework; please purchase all of these titles. When an edition is specified, that is the version of the text you will need in class and we do not recommend substitutions. Titles are hyperlinked to Amazon, but again–you can use any book retailer you prefer.

Introduction to the Human Body: The Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology (10th ed) by Gerald Tortora and Bryan H. Derrickson

Motivational Interviewing in Nutrition and Fitness by Dawn Clifford and Laura Curtis

Advanced Human Nutrition (4th ed) by Denis M. Medeiros and Robert E.C. Wildman

The PEACE Process by Miriam G. Zacharias

Signs and Symptoms Analysis from a Functional Perspective By Dicken Weatherby, N.D.


The two books listed below will be part of one of your second term class assignments. Please choose only one**.

Better Than Before: What I Learned About Making and Breaking Habits by Gretchen Rubin

Move Your DNA: Restore Your Health Through Natural Movement by Katy Bowman


The four books listed below will be part of one of your third term class assignments. Please choose only one**.

The Wahls Protocol: A Radical New Way to Treat All Chronic Autoimmune Conditions Using Paleo Principles by Terry Wahls, M.D.

Put Your Heart in Your Mouth: Natural Treatment for Atherosclerosis, Angina, Heart Attack, High Blood Pressure, Stroke, Arrhythmia, Peripheral Vascular Disease by Natasha Campbell-McBride, M.D.

The Hormone Cure: Reclaim Balance, Sleep and Sex Drive; Lose Weight; Feel Focused, Vital, and Energized Naturally with the Gottfried Protocol by Sara Gottfried, M.D.

Whole Detox: A 21-Day Personalized Program to Break Through Barriers in Every Area of Your Life by Deanna Minich, PhD

**You are only required to use one book from the Term 2 list and one book from the Term 3 list to complete the associated assignments. If you wish to start building your library of client resources, these titles in addition to those found on our Recommended Reading List (coming soon to the NTA website), you are welcome to make optional book purchases for your own educational benefit.

Three cheers for reading and nerding out on nutrition!!!

Wishing you true and total wellness,

Matt, Mallory, Allison, Nicole, and Kate

The NTA Student Experience and Curriculum Quality Team

Nutritional Therapy Association
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Class starts in seven weeks! 

Meet the Student Experience and Curriculum Quality Team – We are Here for You!   

Hi there, 


Here at NTA, we are extremely passionate individuals. We are passionate about our mission to help others heal, passionate about nourishing food (seriously, you should see our potlucks!), and most importantly—we are passionate about our students! In just a few weeks, you will be starting your journey with the NTA and we want to make sure you have the most empowering, engaging, and inspiring educational experience possible, which is why the Student Experience and Curriculum Quality (SECQ) Team was created.  


Our goal is to support you on your path from the moment you register to the day you earn your certification, and then we connect you in with the Alumni team for ongoing community. We are working behind the scenes to ensure the content is high quality, the assignments are meaningful, and the learning experiences are authentic and applicable so that you graduate with the confidence and skills you need to be successful. We work in partnership with your instructor team to challenge you to think critically, wrestle with the complex layers of nutrition, and ensure that you stay on track with the rigorous coursework. But the most valuable and fun part of our SECQ role is connecting with you—our students! 


Whether you need assistance navigating the online classroom, have questions about your classroom experience, have a concern to address, need a resource or recommendation, or just want to share your thoughts with people who understand and care—we are here for you! Please reach out to us anytime you need support during the course. Also feel free to just say hi, tell us the awesome things you are doing to bring wellness to your community, or send us pictures of your meals (we love to know what’s fueling your brilliant minds–check out what’s powering ours below)!  


We will be in touch over the next few weeks to help get you prepared for class and to share some inspiration for what can be done with the education you are investing in. We will be sending your official reading list in the next email on December 30th, so it is almost time to dive in! Once class starts, our team will be sending out helpful tips, encouragement, and other important information to help you find success in the program—so keep your eyes out for our communications!  


Please reply to this email to introduce yourself. We love reading every reply we get, and are so excited to connect and to get to know you! Also, if you want to start interacting with our entire NTA community now, post a selfie with your lunch on Facebook or Instagram with #ntalunchselfie and tag @ntatraining for a chance to be featured on our social media channels!*  

*Please note that by posting a picture with these tags, you are agreeing to allow NTA re-share your picture and post through various social media channels*.  

Wishing you true and total wellness,  

Matt, Mallory, Allison, Nicole, and Kate 

The NTA Student Experience and Curriculum Quality Team 

Nutritional Therapy Association 

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