Become a Course Mentor for the NTP Program

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As a graduate, you have had the opportunity to experience the magnetic connections and supportive collaborations that are available within the NTA alumni community—but there is a new wave of students just beginning who need your influence, experience, and encouragement in the classroom! 

Course Mentors are an integral part of the NTP Program experience. They help guide students in refining their skills as a practitioner by leading monthly meetings with exercises in Motivational Interviewing and, primarily, in facilitating student-led case study presentations.

The following are some of the duties and expectations of serving as an NTA Course Mentor: 

  • Commit to the NTA’s mission of delivering a science-based education that fosters a community of confident holistic nutrition professionals who harness the power of real food and empower people to reconnect with the innate wisdom and unique needs of their bodies, thereby supporting lasting wellness. 
  • Adhere to and uphold the NTA’s Scope of Practice and Code of Ethics. 
  • Host a monthly Zoom meeting with your assigned cohort of 8-10 students. The NTA provides the schedule and agenda templates. 
  • Participate in the Course Mentor Support Program, which includes watching training videos and submitting monthly agendas for your cohort meetings. 
  • Attend a live Course Mentor orientation meeting before the start of the NTP Program.  
  • Review all relevant NTP curriculum reading, videos, and assignments prior to weekly whole-class Zoom meetings and the monthly cohort Zoom meetings that you host. The curriculum is routinely updated, so it may be different than what you experienced. 
  • Attend the whole-class weekly Zoom meetings when your schedule permits or listen to the recordings. 
  • Your individual class instructors may have additional responsibilities for you based on the unique needs of your classroom community. 
  • More detailed information about Course Mentor service can be found in this SAMPLE Course Mentor Training Guide. Information is subject to change.  

Course Mentoring is a volunteer position, but has extensive benefits 

  • Access to the latest curriculum with instructor support as available
  • Training and support from the NTA to develop your skills as an educator on holistic nutrition topics
  • Experience in fostering a community of collaboration and facilitating effective small group meetings
  • The opportunity to cultivate your leadership skills with the guidance of seasoned experts in the field

After the NTPO Program concludes, Course Mentors who fulfill their responsibilities and uphold all expectations for the entirety of the program will receive the following benefits.*

  • 2 free years of NTA Membership 
  • 24 CEUs
  • 1 free year subscription to Nutri-Q
  • Discounts to events and educational opportunities offered by the NTA
  • Course Mentor participation will be considered should a CM show interest in becoming a future member of the NTA Instruction Team.

*Please note that there are no benefits for partial service, and the benefits listed here are subject to change.

If you are inspired to share your journey and lend your wisdom to the classroom by serving as a Course Mentor for NTP Program, please fill out the application below:    

You will gain experience in delivering online education, orchestrating small group activities, facilitating professional case study conversations, and having the opportunity to access the latest curriculum and instructor lectures to deepen your understanding of nutritional therapy. All this while empowering other students to achieve their goals!    

The application window is closed. Please check back for future updates.