On-Demand Teach And Learns

Exclusive access to alumni Teach and Learns is one of the perks of Graduate Membership! They are a professional development series and only members have access to the recordings and any assets.

Teach and Learns are an opportunity to gather with and learn from our community. Teach and Learns are live monthly webinars taught over Zoom, where a member of our community speaks on a topic of their expertise. The videos are recorded and posted below so that you can watch them even if you can’t make them live.

Please note that in 2020, because of complications due to the virus, we are not currently accepting CEUs.

July 2020: A Vegan, High-Carb, Low-Fat Approach to Battling Insulin Resistance with NTA instructor Thomas Gilliford

Thomas Gilliford came to nutrition and body work because of his experience with chronic pain. In his 20s, he dealt with debilitating lower back pain and saw a variety of doctors, physical therapists, and other healers. And in his journey, he discovered two modalities that completely changed his life: Rolfing, and Nutritional Therapy.

Thomas has since combined these two practices. His approach is to heal the body from the inside out, and retrain its muscle and fascial patterns from the outside in, focusing on eliminating chronic pain fast. He also loves to help folks with complex digestive and endocrine issues, aiming to provide simple solutions for those suffering from frustrating symptoms. In addition to his work at the NTA, Thomas is the Co-Founder, Instructor at Wholistic Health Collective, owns and operates Well and Done Nutrition, and is a co-founder of The Body Atlas Project.

Here’s a quick synopsis of his talk: We’ll be going through the topics of insulin resistance, carbohydrate intolerance, de novo lipogenesis and macronutrient ratios in order to gain a deeper understanding of how to work with these concepts with our clients that are struggling with them. It will be geared more towards a vegan approach, and what the science has to tell us about it. This will include tips on how to work with vegans, as well as new ways of looking at common and frustrating symptoms such as bloating, constipation, and diarrhea.

You can watch the replay here, download the Powerpoint here and view an overview handout here.

August 2020: NTA instructor Janelle JohnsonGrove on the nuances of being a leader-practitioner in the Nutritional Therapy field

Janelle is the owner and founder of SageFire Wellness. She supports wellness professionals to move past internal barriers that limit them from creating successful businesses. In her signature mastermind, The Wealthy Practitioner, she helps wellness professionals go from talking about having a lucrative and fulfilling practice to actually doing it. When she’s not leading her mastermind clients to success, Janelle is a respected lead instructor at the Nutritional Therapy Association.

Janelle studied with the Institute for the Psychology of Eating and has a Masters of Education from the University of Pennsylvania. She has also worked in an 18-month high level mentorship with one of the world’s top leadership coaches, Lisa Fabrega. This influenced her own work to utilize cutting-edge tools to integrate both strategy and soul into every inch of their lives and businesses.

Here’s a quick synopsis of her talk: Janelle spoke about the nuances of being a leader-practitioner in the Nutritional Therapy field given all the changes in our current environment. Janelle offered guidance in how to develop your work from a stance of strength, peace, and embodying truth, rather than a stance of fear and uncertainty.

You can watch the replay here, download the Powerpoint here and view an overview handout here.

September 2020: Ashe Milkovic on women’s reproductive health and the menstrual cycle

Ashe Milkovic is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner who specializes in womxn’s reproductive and hormonal health. She works remotely with clients all over to achieve symptom-free menstrual cycles and optimized fertility.

Ashe has a passion for educating her community about the power of real food and functional nutrition. She believes every womxn should have the opportunity to know how their body works and the tools/information available to take back control of their health & wellbeing.

After two years of working as a Nutritional Health Coach for a corporate grocery store serving as a leader in the nutrition and wellness industry within her community, Ashe opened her own Nutritional Therapy practice online working with womxn to optimize their hormonal health & fertility.

Ashe strives to pair her professional background and educational interests with her passions for womxn’s sexual and reproductive health. Her mission is to aid in bridging knowledge gaps and fostering positive conversations around the topics of menstrual health, body literacy, feminism and womxn’s empowerment.

Ashe administrates the F/NTP Women’s Health & Hormones Facebook group and continues to serve her community by providing opportunities for continuing education, public speaking engagements, virtual webinars, programs and 1:1 private coaching.

Outside of her office you can likely find Ashe with her nose in a book, tending to her garden or cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

Here’s a quick synopsis of her talk: Ashe presented on women’s reproductive health and the menstrual cycle. She outlined the physiology of the menstrual cycle and accompanying hormones, various menstrual disorders and how to support them through the foundations & key supplementation.

You can watch the replay here, download the Powerpoint here and view an overview handout here.

October 2020: The Power of Support with Aimee Ames of Evolve Nutrition and Wellness

Grow your practice by providing a meaningful support system for your clients. ​​​​​​​

Aimee has spent the past two years fostering a growing community of like-minded mid-life moms by creating a safe space for them to be seen, heard and feel supported in their health journey. Now more than ever our clients are feeling isolated and alone. While the concept of a support group may seem simple, how you foster it in your practice and programs makes more difference in the success of your clients than you may realize. Learn the value of a support group done right for both clients and practitioner, how to foster a safe environment of mutual respect and compassion, and specific tools you can utilize in your current group or one-on-one offerings that will help better support your clients, grow your business with more meaningful referrals and keep current clients coming back for more.

You can watch the replay here, download the Powerpoint here, and download an overview of the presentation here.

November 18, 2020 at 11 a.m. PT: Sylvie Ndenn of Nourish with Sylvie

In Sylvie’s presentation, you will learn how to use the right tools to run a successful online business, how to connect with clients even while working together virtually and how to use technology to your advantage.


You can watch the replay here, download the Powerpoint here and view an overview handout here.

January 2021: Teri Patterson of The Sober Nutritionist

In Teri’s presentation, you will learn how alcohol might be a factor in getting your clients the results they desire and you’ll learn how to have this conversation within the scope of your practice.

You can watch the replay here as well as view the presentation deck here and the handout here.

Want to Host a Teach and Learn?

If you’re interested in hosting a Teach and Learn, you can email kchock@nutritionaltherapy.com.

The sky’s the limit for topics, but if you have some expertise, special knowledge, or tips for best practice that would be actionable and helpful to other graduates, we recommend you start there! Some ideas could be:

  • Systems for keeping client folders organized
  • How to figure out pricing for your services
  • Key things to address when working with fertility clients
  • How to incorporate natural movement into your day, even if you work a desk job
  • A live cooking demo of making sauerkraut
  • How to do a pantry makeover with your clients

PRO TIP: Have a look at the questions people are asking in these forums. If it’s something you are uniquely positioned to answer, it might be worth doing a Teach and Learn on it!

Everybody has expertise on something. Here’s another fun thought experiment to help you figure out what you could teach on:

“If you had 20 minutes to prepare a TED Talk, what would your topic be? What if you had one week to prepare? Would it be different?”

Thinking about those questions can help you narrow down what is your area of expertise and curiosity.