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Watch Tiana Rockwell: How to move for optimal health

Sep 10, 2018 | Graduate Spotlight, Interviews, Perspectives | 0 comments

Tiana is an NTP, endurance athlete, and chocolate lover who believes that real food can balance the body and produce personal record sports performance. Tiana was a competitive athlete from early childhood. From the time she could walk, she was skiing, swimming, and competing in gymnastics. She is a six times Ironman finisher, completing Ironman Arizona (2014 and 2016), Ironman Cozumel (2015), Ironman Canada (2106 and 2017), and Ironman Santa Rosa (2018). She works closely with her clients to find the right diet to help them reach their health, lifestyle and performance goals. 

In this video, Tiana discusses:

Her own personal health journey
  • – Tiana’s health journey started in her youth, with gymnastics. She and her family followed the calories in/calories out rule and didn’t pay attention to the quality of nutrition. Later on, she tried restricting calories to balance her weight, but it didn’t work.
  • – She ran her first triathlon in 2009 but had a hard time training due to her gut issues. She found an NTP and it changed her life forever. She removed poor, low-quality fats and dairy from her diet, and she started to feel so much better. In 2003, she went through the NTP program to help people who had similar experiences.
Her successful private practice and focus on athletes
  • – Tiana owns and operates her private practice where she sees clients 1-on-1 and runs Restart groups. Her main focus is working with endurance athletes.
  • – When a client comes to Tiana, she goes over these six steps with them in order:
  1. Quality of food (as best as they can afford)
  2. Quantity of food
  3. Reason for eating (hungry vs tired, bored or stressed)
  4. Method of eating (number one tip is to eat away from the TV!)
  5. Consistency in nutrition
  6. Nutrient timing
Sports nutrition and what she recommends
  • – Tiana recommends quality whey protein for recovery after a workout if dairy is tolerated. She also recommends a combination of bone broth, white rice, and chicken for recovery
  • – She also recommends eating one gram of protein for every 1 kilo of lean body mass
Her role in the NTA’s new course, Foundational Wellness
  • – Tiana is an instructor and educator in the NTA’s Foundational Wellness course and teaches the module on Moving Your Body for Optimal Wellness. She shares recommendations on how to get movement in throughout the day and why it’s so important
  • – She shares the benefits of Foundational Wellness for those who are already practitioners. Practitioners are able to send  clients through this program to learn the basics while the practitioner works with them on more in-depth issues.