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Watch: The Six-Step Framework for Creating Group Programs with Abigail Hopkins and Jessica Pantermuehl

Jun 12, 2018 | Perspectives | 0 comments

Abigail Hopkins is the co-founder of That Clean Life, an online platform that helps leaders in the health and wellness industry easily create personalized and professional nutrition programs for their clients, without spending hours on it, so that they can make the world a healthier, happier place. She’s a Registered Nurse, a Culinary Nutrition Expert, a big fan of hip-hop and playing the long game. In this interview, Jessica Pantermuehl, our Lead Instructor for the Career Development Course and Abigail Hopkins discuss her six-step framework for creating group programs.

Outline the details

-Who are you going to target? How do you want to help them? What will the cost be? -A great way to organize this aside from pen and paper is to sign up for a project management site, like Trello

Build your email list

-Have a lead magnet. Something like a pop up on your site that in exchange for their email, they get to download 3 of your recipes. Have the lead magnet be something that relates to the group you are running -Sign up for sites like Mailchimp or convert kit to house your email list

Choose your topic and create the program

-Establish what they get with this program? Ex: Meal plan, recipes, grocery lists, Facebook accountability group -How will content be delivered? Ex: In person or online

Market your program

-Some great ways to market are through: social media, blog posts, FB Lives, webinars, email series or giving a free talk in your community -Keep promoting your lead magnet so that you continue to receive emails -Always lead with value when you market. This way people get to know you and learn to trust you!

Run the program

-Set structured start and finish dates -Provide your own personal content -Creating a Facebook Group is a great way to provide community and keep people engaged

Ask for feedback, keep selling, repeat

-Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback! -For continued support afterward, upsell your other services
Abigail’s service, That Clean Life, is a great tool when you are planning these groups! It helps create the material for your groups by creating recipes, meal plans, and grocery lists for your clients. You can even add your custom branding.
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