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Watch Michelle Hoover: Growing your nutritional therapy business online

Sep 24, 2018 | Graduate Spotlight, Interviews, Uncategorized | 0 comments

In this interview, Michelle discusses: 

Advice on picking a niche: 
  • – If you’re talking to everyone, you’re talking to no one. 
  • – You can always expand your niche in the future – you’re not permanently locked in! 
  • – Good questions to ask: 
    • – What do you relate to the most?  
    • – What did you need/see other people needing?  
    • – Who can you identify with the most?  
Advice on figuring out what content to write about: 
  • – What can you write authentically about? What have you lived? What do you genuinely want to help other people with? Write about those things! 
  • – Publish your blogs on Facebook, Instagram, and send to your contacts via email. Make sure to post to a platform that is share-friendly so others can share it easily.  
  • – Choose your social media platforms based off where your people are hanging out (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest) and what the platforms are used for (ex: post your recipes on Pinterest). 
How does offering free content help grow your business? How would someone get started? 
  • – Free content helps people gain trust with you and see what kind of content you are putting out there 
  • – A good guide to free versus paid content:  
  • – Free: tell them what to do (ex: these certain foods are great to eat)  
  • – Paid: tell them how to do it (work with them on specifics, like bio individuality) 
How did you start your blog? Where would you suggest someone goes to learn more? 
  • – It was overwhelming but you can put your head down and learn! 
  • – Pay for photography courses 
  • – Hire someone to help you 
  • – Be genuine  
  • – Post content that people can tag other people in 
  • – Create content people naturally want to share 
Any advice on getting started? 
  • – Make sure you have a functional, mobile-friendly website  
  • – Build out your email list  
  • – Work on your social media channels 
  • – Publish good quality content (and be consistent with it) 
  • – Be genuine and be in it for the right reasons!
To learn more about building a successful nutritional therapy business: