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Watch Allison Evans and Kelly Love: Turning illness into inspiration

Oct 5, 2018 | Graduate Spotlight, Interviews | 0 comments

In this video, our Career Development Course Lead Instructor, Jessica Pantermuehl, interviews the Founders of Branch Basics, Allison Evans and Kelly Love, as a part of our FB Live Business Series. They share their Branch Basics story and how they turned illness into inspiration. Branch Basics is a cleaning product company whose mission is to help people remove harmful chemicals from their daily lives so they can experience the power of pure. Their non-toxic, powerful, multi-use cleaning concentrate solves all of your household cleaning needs without sacrificing your health.

In this interview, Kelly and Allison discuss:

  • – Allison and Kelly’s story and what led to the idea behind Branch Basics
  • – How they were able to take their own personal stories and develop them into the thriving business that Branch Basics is today
  • – How sharing their story has helped grow their brand and advice on how to stay genuine and personable on your social media accounts
  • – What they would tell someone who may feel scared to share their story
  • – How to weave your personal experiences and lifestyle into your business plan, specifically on social media
To learn more about Allison and Kelly and Branch Basics, visit branchbasics.com.


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