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Updating Your Provider Listing or Creating a New One

May 22, 2018 | DIY and How-to

Step 1. Login to your NTA web account. (www.nutritionaltherapy.com/login

You’ll then be redirected to your account page.

Step 2. Scroll down on your account page until you see this. Click on, “Provider Listing”.

If you don’t see this section, there could be a mistake with your account or you don’t have the membership status to be added to the map. updating-your-provider-listing-or-creating-a-new-one-3

Step 3. Now update or fill out the form for your provider listing. Click “Submit”.

After submitting you’ll be redirected to your accounts page again. It can take a few minutes for your listing to appear. To see your listing after completing steps 1-4, go to the Provider Search page and type in the city where you practice. Your listing should then appear. Note: Title: First and last name as well as designation. This is the title that will show up in a provider listing search. Telephone Number: If you do not wish to have your telephone number displayed, you can fill the box “N/A”. Graduation Year: This is the year that you graduated from an NTA program. Address: Please validate the pin on the map matches your address. If it doesn’t, please update your address to match the format in a google search result. updating-your-provider-listing-or-creating-a-new-one-2

Step 4. From your accounts page click on, “View Profile” beneath your profile image.

You’ll be redirected to your profile page where you will be able to edit from. 3

Step 5. Now click on the configuration icon on the right side. Then click, “Edit Profile”.

You’re now able to edit your profile and add your details. Don’t forget to add your social media handles for extra exposure and information. You will want to type the full URL, example: https://www.instagram.com/ntatraining/. Note: To display the full cover photo, the dimensions should be around 1400 x 500. updating-your-provider-listing-or-creating-a-new-one-5

Step 6. Edit your profile and then click, “Update Profile”.

Any field you leave blank, simply won’t be displayed. After filling out the fields you desire to, click the “Update Profile” button. Note: Tell us a bit about yourself (Under your display name)This should be a short blurb about your specialty and offerings in your practice. Example: I specialize in women’s health, helping to balance hormones and inspire body positivity. About Me: This should be more in-depth about you, your accomplishments, and your practice, this is where you can really show your personality to your prospective clients. updating-your-provider-listing-or-creating-a-new-one-6

Step 7. Now view your handy work. From the top menu bar, click on “Provider Search” and then search for your “Location” in the search bar.

Click on your name and you’ll be redirected to your complete profile! updating-your-provider-listing-or-creating-a-new-one-7   If you have any questions about your listing please contact us at nta@nutritionaltherapy.com. Or if it’s of the technical nature, please email us at techsupport@nutritionaltherapy.com