Ask a Rancher Anything: Q+A with Corner Post Meats

Ask a Rancher Anything: Q+A with Corner Post Meats


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Ask a Rancher Anything: Q+A with Corner Post Meats

Ask a Rancher Anything Q+A with Corner Post Meats

Even though Adrienne Larrew grew up in the suburbs of Denver, she found that ranch life suited her better. While working on ranches throughout the west, she met Dan, her business partner and cohort in all kinds of adventures. They started Corner Post Meats in the rural mountains of Wyoming. To better connect with their customers, they relocated to Black Forest, along the Colorado Front Range, on a ranch owned by the National Audubon Society.

Now Adrienne is a driving force behind tasty, mindful meat shipped to families nationwide and restaurants through-out Colorado. She knows firsthand what it takes to raise healthy animals and manage the land, and how important it is for people to trust where their food comes from. Corner Post Meats provides customers exceptional forest raised pork, grass finished beef, pastured poultry and wild caught seafood. Adrienne is leading the charge on the Mindful Meat Revolution and is proud that “Corner Post Meats is meat for people who give a damn” whether you give a damn about your health, how the animals are raised, or that the land is managed to make ecosystems healthy and vibrant places.

What inspired you to start Corner Post Meats?

Dan and I saw a need in the food system and personally decided to do something about it. We had experience in agriculture from working on ranches around the west and wanted to connect ranching with eaters by raising animals in a way that works with nature. Thus, the concept of the “Mindful Meat Revolution” was created.

What’s the mission of Corner Post Meats?

We say Corner Post Meats is “meat for people who give a damn”. Basically, we are encouraging people to be mindful in their choices — to care about the humane way the animals are raised, the positive effect the animals have on the environment, and the health benefits of grass fed and pasture raised meats for themselves and their families. “Give a Damn” is more than a tagline for us – it is a way of life.

How can I know a ranch is truly ethical?

What’s different about Corner Post Meats that a customer wouldn’t find in another meat distributor?

Personal connection! We are YOUR Rancher. There is a connection and accountability there, whether it is the pigs we raise right here in the Ponderosa Pines of Black Forest, beef from us and other Audubon Certified Ranches or the like-minded ranches, farms, and fisheries that provide our customers other sustainable and ethically raised meats or wild caught fish.

How can I buy mindful meat affordably?

What’s the importance of buying from a rancher like Corner Post Meats?

Your food dollars have impact and show what you value. Buying direct from a rancher and their producer partners supports a food network that links you more directly to the source of your food. By supporting producers who actually have boots on the ground, your dollar helps build a stronger food system from the bottom up.

Is ethical ranching good for carbon emissions?

Tell us more about the positive impact ranching can have on the environment.

We believe that in all relationships, but especially with Mother Nature, you are either building health or destroying it – even if ever so slightly. We work to build health in the soil which generates healthy plants which are a beneficial feed source for an animal and supports a healthy animal. Then when I eat meat from a healthy animal, it nourishes me, making me healthier. At each stage, focus on building health rather than destroying it. Here are amazing resources:

Can you share a little bit on what your day-to-day on the ranch looks like?

There are probably few careers that have as much diversity of experience in them as what we do at Corner Post Meats! One minute we might be negotiating processing dates with a butcher, then on a zoom call with other ranches and then working on order fulfillment or inventory.

Some of our time is spent directly with the animals but we have an amazing production team that nurtures the critters. Likewise, with the frozen inventory, we have a small crew that does a lot behind the scenes so that Dan and I can focus on the big picture of leading our business to be even more impactful.

How do I find a local rancher in my area?

What are one or two things customers should prioritize when buying meat?

Honestly that is a personal choice. Does local trump ethical or feed type outweigh environmental? It can be a journey to determine your hierarchy of values. For us, we are always going to tell you to go as close to the source as possible. You can ask questions and have a personal relationship with the rancher so that you know where your dinner comes from! Always look for 100% grass fed and pasture raised and look for country of origin (if buying at a store). You can even check what type of grain pasture raised animals receive, especially if you have allergies. Our pigs are never fed corn or soy and receive local, non-GMO grains. 

This season, what’s your favorite cut of meat/product you have available right now?

I LOVE brisket this time of year, or pretty much anything I can cook for an extended period of time and it will reheat as amazing leftovers. So Pork Shoulder Roast, Beef Chuck Roast, Whole Chicken. Ooh, my stomach is growling.

Hear more answers from Adrienne about Corner Post Meats, ethical ranching, and meat sourcing here.




Corner Post Meats provides unconventional healthy artisan meat products with outstanding flavor and quality. Their products are created from sustainable grazing, clean water, open spaces and plenty of sunshine. Learn more about Corner Post Meats at cornerpostmeats.com or follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.




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