Watch Amie Tollefsrud: Choosing a profitable online course topic

Watch Amie Tollefsrud: Choosing a profitable online course topic


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Watch Amie Tollefsrud: Choosing a profitable online course topic

  Amie Tollefsrud is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and CEO of Rebelle Nutrition, an online business dedicated to teaching NTPs and NTCs, health coaches, nutritionists, and wellness enthusiasts how to create, launch, and scale their own online practices. Amie joined us to answer your questions and share how to choose a profitable online course topic for your business.   She is hosting a live training next week about creating a course that sells. Check out the course.

In this interview, Amie discusses:

How she switched from 1-on-1 clients to group programs:
  • – Amie was exhausted from seeing clients and found herself repeating the same things over and over again, so with a friend she created two nutrition courses for their clients. Other NTP’s and practitioners began coming to her for advice in creating courses, which led to coaching calls, which then led to creating online courses for other practitioners!
Reasons to add an online course to your business:
  • – You are introverted and easily drained by seeing multiple clients a day
  • – You need a reliable revenue stream, but also want to keep your schedule flexible
  • – You want the ability to work from wherever
  • – You want to add multiple revenue streams
How to choose a course topic:
  • – Create a streamlined process with only the need to know information. Don’t put all your knowledge into one course.
  • – Ask yourself: what were you going through 2-5 years ago that was difficult? What were the resources that would have been life changing for you at that point?
  • – Decide what you want the end result of your course to be
  • – Look at your audience first and collect the questions you get asked most frequently
  • – Decide what you actually want to create
Executing the course creation:
  • – You don’t need to be the number one expert on a topic to help people get results. You just need to be a couple steps ahead of your audience
  • – Test out the topic, see if your audience is interested (ex: freebie on your website or limited coaching spots)
Platforms to use for your online course:
  • – Teachable (handles payments and has a variety of beautiful designs)
  • – Squarespace (allows you to put the course directly on your website)
Tips for marketing your course:
  • – Host a free challenge before your paid course launches (at the end of the free course, let them know they can take the next step by taking your paid course)
  • – Don’t feel like you need to use paid ads, you can have a successful launch with organic marketing
  • – Make sure you are growing your email list (ex: lead captures on your website or have people opt into your email list before they sign up for a free challenge)
  • – Send out emails promoting your launch. Make sure there is urgency leading up to your launch date and offer incentives for signing up earlier
  • – Don’t feel like you’re being annoying – most people need more than one email reminder
Advice on hosting a free challenge:
  • – Decide what you want the end result to be
  • – When developing a paid course, also develop a full protocol
  • – Grow your email list
  To learn more from Amie, visit her website: www.rebellenutrition.com and check out her upcoming free course here.