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Sponsored Breakfast Talk: Aicacia Young, RDN, LD of Microbiome Labs

Feb 26, 2018 | Announcements | 0 comments

The 2018 Nutritional Therapy Association conference, Live Nourished, will include two sponsored breakfast talks, one by one from Aicacia Young, RDN, LD representing MegaSporeBiotic™ of Microbiome Labs on Saturday, and one from Pete Vargas of Advance Your Reach on Sunday. Aicacia Young will be speaking on microbiome health, and Pete Vargas will be speaking on growing your business. Come join us for breakfast and get a head start on learning for day two of the conference! “You are more bacteria than you are human with 10 trillion human cells outnumbered by over 100 trillion bacteria cells in and on your body. The human genome contributes just 1% genetic material to daily metabolic function compared to the 99% that is contributed by the microbiome. An often-overlooked role of the microbiome is to prevent post-prandial endotoxemia and the inflammatory devastation that follows. This lecture will illustrate the danger of having post-prandial endotoxemia and why this condition is being called the number one cause of mortality worldwide as it sets up the body for virtually every chronic disease. This condition is caused by eating and a failure of the microbiome to protect its host from this response. You simply cannot completely correct any chronic condition without addressing post-prandial endotoxemia.”