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Recipes Using Broths from The Flavor Chef himself, Chef Lance Roll

Aug 25, 2017 | Recipes | 0 comments


The bone broth trend is in high gear right now. Since the founding of the Flavor Chef in 2008, we continue to create high quality, certified organic bone broth that really started gaining commercial popularity around 2014. Thanks in part to bone broths in books such as Nourishing Traditions and Nourishing Broth, and interest cultivated by the Weston A. Price organization (not to mention, over thousands of years of ancestors), these broths have become important again because of their powerful ability to heal the GI tract, and, if properly slow cooked as our broths are, they are loaded with nourishing bioavailable nutrients and collagen. Our society is in great need to heal our bodies and get back to the food of our roots. These vital nutrients and their impact on our overall health is why bone broth is so sought after by Nutritional Therapists and real food advocates everywhere. Many articles have been published on the vast benefits of bone broth. If you are looking for that type of information, I recommend reading one of the books I mentioned above. What I’d like to do instead is share a couple of recipes we make using the broths available from bonebroth.com. Broth is excellent on its own, but here are a couple ways you can incorporate it into your meals anytime, even for breakfast! As a proud sponsor at the last two NTA conferences, The Flavor Chef and Bonebroth.com are excited offer the finest premium bone broths available today. The Flavor Chef is proud to offer the first Certified Organic Auto Immune Protocol (AIP) Bone Broths with no onions, no garlic, and no peppercorns. This AIP friendly broth is a short-cook, 2-hour, extremely low amino acid chicken meat broth, and like all The Flavor Chef Bone broths, it features Palomar Mountain Spring Water. Here are a couple of recipes using our signature bone broths:


hierloom-carrots2.jpgAt The Flavor Chef we like to use local organic vegetables as much as possible. Here we have farm fresh summer heirloom carrots and locally grown sweet onions! We utilize our beef bone broth to get a sublime flavor into our carrots and finish with an 18-year old infused balsamic vinegar (You’ll want to ½ the recipe for smaller crowds.)


  • 2 tbsp. coconut oil for the sauté
  • 1 bunch (2 cups) local heirloom carrots scrubbed and sliced thin (peeled if desired)
  • 2 sweet onions julienne sliced (thin strips)
  • 1 inch ginger root, minced
  • 1 Valencia orange, juiced
  • 1 cup The Flavor Chef beef bone broth (substitute chicken bone broth or even water)
  • Fresh mint (optional)
  • Sea salt to taste
  • Blackberry ginger balsamic (substitute traditional balsamic)
  • Blood orange olive oil
Lots of Love!


  1. In a 10 inch sauté pan warm the coconut oil, add the julienned onions. Allow them to caramelize slightly.
  1. Next, add the ginger and the carrots. Continue to sweat and season with salt.
  1. Add the juice of the orange and the beef bone broth (or the liquid of choice).
  1. Allow the liquid to reduce as it steams the carrots till tender, sprinkle in the fresh herbs (optional) and combine for a minute allowing the herbs to gently bloom.
  1. Drizzle with blackberry ginger balsamic. Remove to a serving dish.
  1. Drizzle over the blood orange olive oil.
  1. Garnish with some more fresh herbs.
Bon appetite!


spinach-and-egg-w-broth.jpgA true paleo breakfast of champions, this is an excellent way to start any day, giving you sustained energy, easily digestible protein and fat. We love the way the bone broth not only enhances the flavors of this breakfast, but it also adds additional nutrients to help start your day off right!


  • 12 ounce The Flavor Chef chicken bone broth (add sea salt to taste), brought to a simmer
  • Slice of ginger (use a peeler)
  • 2 1/3 cups chopped fresh spinach
  • Your favorite fresh herbs of any kind (optional)
  • 2 fresh eggs
  • Ghee or coconut oil for sauté
Seasonings for the eggs:
  • Your favorite brand of sea salt, and granulated or ground version of the following: garlic, onion and cayenne.


  1. To the simmering Chicken broth, add a thin peeled slice of ginger, fresh chopped spinach leaves, and herbs.
  2. Gently fry 2 pasture raised eggs soft over easy cooked in a teaspoon of ghee seasoned with granulated garlic, onion and cayenne.
  3. Add all of it to the warm broth.


Take time to slow down, enjoy this breakfast bowl, listen to the birds and smell the bone broth. Season liberally with self-care and love.  All of this is sure to go a long way in making your day great!


chef-lance_01.pngChef Lance Roll has has been professional chef for 30 years and he founded The Flavor Chef ® in 2007. Chef Lance made it his mission to bring healing bone broth cooked in the traditional manner back to the market place. In 2008, Chef Lance Registered three trademarks, his new company name “The Flavor Chef,” his signature “Love is the Ultimate Spice,” (because love is the spice that makes it all real) and his vision “Broth is good for you… Promotes healthier you®!” (Because it’s true!) In 2010, he began working with WAPF chapter leader and speaker, Kim Schuette from Bio Dynamic Wellness, in Solana Beach. Chef Lance began to produce and sell traditionally made frozen bone broth to her clients. In 2012, The Brothery® (America’s Original) was secured as a fourth registered trademark. In April, Chef Lance was able to begin to realize his vison and began selling his organic chicken bone broth in local independent retailers in the San Diego area. By October of that same year, Chef Lance was a featured guest on Sean Croxton’s Underground Wellness Podcast discussing the amazing benefits of bone broth. Following that show Chef Lance was called to bring his broth to every corner of America by shipping it nationwide through the Brothery @ Bonebroth.com Holding to the principle that food is medicine, the mission and the purpose of The Flavor Chef is: “To help heal the planet one GI tract at a time.” The vision to accomplish this mission is to “restore and preserve the art and craft of producing nutrient dense, nourishing bone broths using the finest ingredients available and brewing all Broth is the traditional manner in small kettles, simmering at gentle simmer over 18 to 24 hours.” The Flavor Chef proudly brews all of the broths made with the famous locally available Palomar Mountain spring water. Chef Lance Lives in Carlsbad, CA. with his wife Suzanna and son Dylan. Learn more about The Flavor Chef and America’s Original Brothery at www.bonebroth.com. ntaadcolor4-2017.png