Career Development Course Bundle January 2023


As an NTA graduate, you’ll be doing important work that will change the world.

At the same time, building a business is challenging. As you navigate marketing methods, look for new clients, and figure out how to run a practice, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. This is why we’ve created the Career Development Course: to help you learn how to find clients you love working with, build a thriving practice, and help change the world. Learn more about the course below.


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Important dates:

  • Class Start: January 9th, 2023

Bundling the Career Development Course with your NTP purchase: 

Making the decision to invest in your career now will set you up for success right out of the gate, giving you the tools to identify and accomplish your business dreams so that you can earn the income you want, doing the work you love. By purchasing the career development course bundle today, you lock in the best price available and ensure a seat in the class of your choice immediately following your NTP graduation.  We will email all the details you need to prepare for this course a few weeks before your Career Development  Course begins.

About the course:

The Career Development Course is a fully online and supported 10-week course created exclusively for NTA alumni and holistic health professionals looking to launch or revolutionize their practice! 

During this course, you’ll receive: 

  • Cutting Edge Video Lessons – Over 5 hours of video business lessons created exclusively for nutrition professionals, plus interactive video lessons throughout the program.  
  • Guidance and Support – Small group cohorts for accountability and mentorship. Plus, access to private coaching sessions to ensure you have all the support you need for making forward progress.  
  • Practical Business Resources – Done-for-you marketing and planning materials, plus an inside look at how a variety of successful nutrition professionals are running their business.  

Plus, you’ll get access to customizable templates, like: 

  • Business expertise spreadsheets 
  • Disclaimers you can use for your services and website 
  • Client welcome emails 
  • Client follow-up emails 
  • Referral network outreach email 
  • Strategic partnership email 
  • Social media editorial calendar 
  • Digital marketing planning template 
  • Testimonial questions 

And what’s even more exciting is that we’ve completely overhauled the Career Development Course curriculum! Our brand-new course content focuses on the foundations of building a successful business, brand, and audience, while also teaching the importance of digital marketing strategies, establishing revenue streams, and appropriately scaling your business through testimonials, referral generation, and more! 

Your Career Development Course Curriculum

  • Module 1: Create a Solid Foundation for Your Business 
  • Module 2: How to Identify Your Unique Place in the Market 
  • Module 3: Establishing Your Services & Revenue Streams 
  • Module 4: Setting Up Your Practice Management Systems 
  • Module 5: Develop Your Brand and Messaging 
  • Module 6: How to Promote Yourself through In-Person Marketing Strategies 
  • Module 7: Using Online Marketing to Grow Your Practice 
  • Module 8: Converting Prospects to Clients 
  • Module 9: Scaling Your Business 

This course is for you if: 

  • You’re feeling stuck when it comes to launching, evolving, or growing your practice 
  • You’re just starting out and want to make sure you’re setting yourself up for success 
  • You’ve been in business for a while but aren’t seeing the results you want 
  • You’re feeling a lack of confidence and identity when it comes to creating your target market, developing compelling messages, and prioritizing conversion strategies