“Nothing could have prepared me for the powerful learnings I was about to come away with through the NTA curriculum.”

I knew I was in the right place by taking the Nutritional Therapy Practitioner course through NTA, when I looked at the textbook and reading list and realized I already owned the material!  My experience with NTA got better as I delved into the educational material, participated in the conference calls and best of all, the workshops.  Nothing could have prepared me for the powerful learnings I was about to come away with through the NTA curriculum.  My teachers will remain in my heart as true ambassadors of change, sharing a generous spirit of willingness to help us become NTP’s. Becoming a Nutritional Therapist through the teachings of the Nutritional Therapy Association has irrevocably changed my life and my ability to help people reach the highest level of health and wellness possible.  As a fitness professional, author and columnist for Oxygen Magazine with Robert Kennedy Publishing, owning a strong, lean physique is often held out as the brass ring for many but without health, this means nothing.  I can now reach out in a more meaningful way to gain a deeper understanding of a client’s health since NTA has given me many powerful assessment tools, including the Functional Evaluation and the NAQ.  Being able to assess a person’s state of function or dysfunction through the use of these tools gives me the edge over a traditional nutritionist in so many ways.  People want answers, usually right away and I can provide them.  Help comes in the form of making lifestyle adjustments as well as nutritional supplementation – I don’t want to give prescriptions as answers, I want to provide nutritional supplementation to heal. Though I have always been a student of health, NTA has given me enormous confidence to be the teacher of health and wellness I have always wanted to be.  In my public appearances and in my writing I now have NTP training to enrich what I do.  I love that distinction!

– Tosca Reno, NTP, author of Your Best Body Now and the Eat-Clean Diet series


Seattle, WA


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