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Emily is a mama of two, certified as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), who is passionate about helping others achieve wellness through root cause nutrition. Emily’s journey started out due to her own health issues that she had been dealing with since she was a little girl. With no answers from western medicine, she turned to nutrition. She started reading many books, listening to podcasts, and attending conferences. She found answers in the natural medicine world as well as a deep passion for nutrition and holistic wellness. This search eventually lead her into the pediatric world as she looked for answers in regards to her children’s health. She hopes to bring information, awareness and hope into her corner of the world. Her passion is to help children and women identify the root cause as to why they are not feeling their best. She works with clients to help create a bio-individual plan that works best for them to help give them a foundation of health and knowledge that will not only help them in the here and now but help maintain optimal health in the future. Emily’s desire is to help her clients begin to get their childhood/lives back so that they can live out all that the Lord has planned for them.

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