Janine Martin-Horst, NTP, CGP

Janine Martin Horst, NTP, CGP, is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, a certified GAPS Practitioner, an AIP Certified Coach and a Lead Instructor with the Nutritional Therapy Association. Through her private practice in Salem, Oregon, Taproot Wellness, she specializes in digestion, detoxification, and nutritional support for autoimmune disorders. Passionate about the transformative powers of good food and targeted nutrient therapy to address all manner of health challenges, Janine helps clients and students tap in to the innate intelligence of the human body to address bio-individual health needs and goals. Janine strongly believes in NTA’s foundational approach to health, combining a solid understanding of ancestral nutrition, bio-individuality, and a whole-body approach to healing. The NTA classroom is one of her favorite places to be, and witnessing the many “light bulb moments” that take place each year has been one of the most fun and powerful experiences of her life. She is honored to be part of each student’s journey and to welcome them into NTA’s healing community. Links: www.taprootwellness.com