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Learn More From Our Annual Conference Speaker, Kris Vaughn, Certified Clinical Herbalist

Jan 10, 2019 | Behind the Scenes, Interviews, Perspectives | 0 comments

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Kris Vaughan is a certified clinical herbalist and owner and Program Director of Herbal Wisdom Institute in Arizona.  Kris began her study of herbal medicine in 2008 and now teaches students who seek certification in western herbalism. Her clinical work and teaching has been focused on the areas of complicated, chronic health issues such as digestion and autoimmune conditions. Kris also works with a prominent herbal product manufacturer as the Director of Practitioner Experience.

During our Annual Conference, Kris will be leading the workshop, A Herbalists Guide to the LNT Process. This workshop will offer a basic foundation of herbal knowledge and how to apply this to the LNT process. Learning herbs by their energetics and actions allows you to assist in achieving balance within the body that facilitates the innate healing process while keeping bio-individuality in mind. 

What you’ll learn:

  • – The five herbal flavors and how they correspond with herbal actions  
  • – Herbal actions to facilitate foundational balance in the body systems
  • – How to choose and test herbs using the LNT process (hands-on application) 

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