img_6765.jpgThough we all know and respect the phrase “beauty isn’t only skin deep,” those of us who have suffered from skin issues also know that while it may not be the determining factor—the appearance of our skin certainly does impact self-confidence and how beautiful we feel. Lotions, potions, peels, pills, magical serums, and hundreds of dollars later and many of us have still found our skin troubles lurking—or perhaps even worse than before! How can this be? The answer lies within the 150+ chemicals in those products and the misconception that what we put on the outside of our bodies is the key to glowing skin. In her phenomenal book, Glow: The Nutritional Approach to Naturally Gorgeous Skin, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and founder of Body Unburdened, Nadia Neumann, sets out to unravel the mysteries behind healthy skin and educate readers on the important truth that what goes in our bodies is even more critical than what we put on the outside—our skin is truly nourished from the inside out! From a basic understanding of our largest organ and the roles each macro and micronutrient plays in its health to a stunningly photographed collection of food and skincare recipes, this book clearly demonstrates that “the skin is a mirror that reflects internal imbalances,” (pg. 10) and provides the tools to make positive changes in that reflection. Fellow NTA graduates will appreciate Nadia’s bio-individual message as well as paradigm appropriate content on how fats, blood sugar regulation, digestion, hormone regulation, and food preparation impact our health in ways that the skin can manifest. For those unversed in these body systems, preparation methods, and food selection guidelines—this section of the book will provide impactful, actionable steps that will have a profound impact on their overall health in addition to the skin-nourishing benefits they will receive. My favorite section was her discussion of inflammation which covered everything from adjusting omega-6 and omega-3 essential fatty acid ratios to consuming different phytonutrients to combat free-radicals. Not only does she explain the importance of increase anti-inflammatory foods and spices, but she also explains pro-inflammatory foods to remove and outlines how to conduct a Coca’s pulse test and elimination diet to determine food intolerances so individuals can remove foods that specifically trigger inflammation in their unique bodies. Glow provides just the right balance between giving readers enough education to understand the underlying implications of what we put in our bodies and still making it approachable for those who are new to the real food lifestyle. This would be a wonderful resource to recommend to clients, friends, and family members who want clear, smooth, radiant skin but don’t realize their issues stem from a myriad of internal health imbalances that need to be addressed first. I also really appreciate how Nadia empowers people to make the suggested changes with a host of delicious superfood recipes as well as a bonus section of topical skincare recipes to further reduce the body’s exposure to toxic chemicals. It was very difficult to choose which recipes to try as each one beckoned me with fresh, colorful, vibrant ingredients that were easy to find and quick to prepare. While you won’t need to find any specialty grocery stores to make these recipes, you will want to head Nadia’s reminder that we are all bio-individual and a few of her recipes do use eggs, sprouted legumes, sprouted grains, and nuts that may not be appropriate for everyone. There are definitely options for every lifestyle preference though and no one will be disappointed by the ideas in this section. I left the decision to my husband since I couldn’t make up my mind—and of course he chose the AvoCacao Pot de Crème. The wonderful footnote on the page reminding the reader that this was a treat as it still contains quite a bit of sugar from the honey was put there specifically for me so I could show my husband and say “see, this is not breakfast!” It was a 97 degree day and I was cooking in a tiny RV kitchen—so I was delighted to whip together this no-cook dessert that was ready in minutes. After a quick chill in the fridge I took a taste test—it was a good thing I had two other people to serve or I might have ignored the footnote’s warnings! My husband and two year old agreed that it tasted better than any other mousse or pudding we had tried—and I was thrilled that my little one was downing a good serving of avocado and coconut oil (he loves butter so much, I have a hard time getting him to have other sources of fat!). The pot de crème was rich and luxurious enough that we all felt very satisfied after our serving, which I also appreciated as my boys both tend to say they are still hungry at the end of the night. This recipe would be so easy to multiply and make ahead of time to bring to a party—and I guarantee no one will realize they are eating avocados unless you tell them your secret! After tackling beautiful skin from the inside, the book ends with an excellent guide on common toxins in our skincare and beauty products and alternative recipes we can use to replace what we put on the outside with a more nourishing option.  I love this quick reference guide and the fact that a quick glance at an ingredient will reveal why it should be avoided and what might be listed on the product label if it contains this type of chemical. The alternative ingredients Nadia uses in her skincare recipes are all so much more nourishing than what is on the store shelves. Of all the ingredients she recommends, there were only two I personally would not use– grapeseed oil and vegetable glycerin. The grapeseed oil could easily be substituted for another oil, however, and the vegetable glycerin is only in three recipes—so there were still a wealth of options for me to choose from even with my incredibly strict standards! I decided to try the Calming Chamomile Aloe Face Toner as my skin has been feeling a little inflamed and irritated (thanks in part to pregnancy and a recent heatwave) and this toner sounded like divine relief! It literally took a minute to swirl the chamomile into the witch hazel extract and then I left it alone for a solid 24 hours. The next day, I simply strained, mixed in the aloe vera, and it was ready to test out!!! It was such a lovely combination with the tonifying effects of the witch hazel, the soothing effects of the chamomile, and the cooling moisture of aloe—it was exactly what my skin needed and it was inexpensive and easy to make! This recipe will definitely become part of my routine and I am excited to slash my skincare budget by making more of Nadia’s amazing recipes at home rather than paying the premium for “natural” store-bought products that aren’t even as pure. Overall, I found Nadia’s book to be a wonderful resource to share with friends and family from an educational standpoint as well as a treasure-trove of recipes for the inside and out that everyone will enjoy and benefit from. If you are looking for support on your journey to obtaining that healthy “glow,” if you have clients expressing skin appearance as a major concern, or, you simply want to be inspired by new recipes and DIY skincare products—I highly recommend getting a copy of Glow: The Nutritional Approach to Naturally Gorgeous Skin! For more information on Nadia Neumann and her mission to help others adopt a non-toxic lifestyle—visit her website at!


img_8774-2.jpgNadia Neumann is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and founder of the popular health and wellness website Body Unburdened, where she empowers readers with the information and resources they need to live a healthy lifestyle rooted in real food, natural beauty, and a healthy home. She is the author of The Home Detox Guide and the recently released Glow: The Nutritional Approach to Naturally Gorgeous Skin. Nadia’s personal health journey began when she first learned about body burden, the term used to designate the hundreds of manmade, industrial chemicals in our bodies (yes, hundreds: studies have found that the average adult has over 700 chemicals contributing to her body burden!). It was a wake up call, and one that compelled her to take action and provide others with the knowledge necessary to make safer, healthier choices — hence Body Unburdened. Shortly thereafter, Nadia made the switch to a nutrient-dense, real food diet and had another profound realization: after her stubborn skin issues and lifelong digestive symptoms began to clear, she learned first-hand the power of nutrition. When she’s not busy writing or working with clients, Nadia is likely perfecting her face oil blends, enjoying the great outdoors, or figuring out how to sneak more cacao into her diet. A New Jersey native, Nadia now lives in San Jose, CA.


img_6765.jpgNaturally healthy, glowing skin? It’s an inside job. After years of struggling with pesky skin issues — and spending a small fortunate on dermatology appointments, facials, and skincare products! — author Nadia Neumann finally achieved clear skin after making simple but profound changes to her diet and adopting an all-natural skincare routine. Glow: The Nutritional Approach to Naturally Gorgeous Skin empowers readers with the knowledge that they can take control of their health and their skin — which are so intimately connected — and shows them how. You’ll learn how to attain and maintain a naturally healthy, glowing complexion by making simple dietary adjustments to correct the internal imbalances — like inflammation, poor digestion and gut health, and hormonal imbalance — that manifest in the skin as common skincare issues like eczema, acne, and premature aging. The book includes 20 skin-loving superfood recipes and 20 all-natural, homemade skincare recipes to help you get your glow on. Where it can be purchased: Amazon Barnes & Noble Books-a-Million