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I am passionate about bringing Beings and Mother Earth back into balance! Let's start healing through feeling. I focus on helping those on a healing journey find optimal health through blending Nutritional Therapy and Herbalism.

Have you ever felt the immobilizing fear of a terrifying diagnosis?

Does it feel like your body has been taken over and you’re spiraling out of control?

Do you feel like being “healthy” is harder than it should be?

I can help you! I have not only experienced these shifts within my own healing journey (chronic illness, autoimmune dis-ease), but I have committed myself to an endless study of bio-individual optimal health. That means it will look different for every person, and as such, each person will be treated with individual care and considerations to your unique healing journey.

I am here to help you identify where your systems are at, listen to your body’s signals and create a tailored plan that feels achievable for you in your daily life. Minimizing stressors, enhancing lifestyle routines and nourishing your physical body with nutrient dense, properly prepared whole foods. We’ll take a foundational approach to health and healing;discovering the root causes, not just a bandaid approach to the symptoms.If this speaks to you, please reach out, you do not need to travel this road alone. There is so much helpful information I am excited to share with you.

The horizon is bright!