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Having grown up appreciating the outdoors and wild game fare, Lauren completed her BA in business then followed her heart to California where she culinary and hospitality. There she honored her palate over her health which inevitably lead to a decline in physical appearance and, most importantly, the way she felt. Knowing that fatigue and sluggish thinking should not be the norm she sought out a nutrition program that steered away from fad dieting and focused on a diet that has been proven for thousands of years, becoming a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner which wound up taking precedence over all else. She founded Sensibly Savage, which allows her to work with clients to reach their health goals. Wanting to reach a larger market and make a bigger difference, she joined the Let's Truck team as a Destination Health Practitioner. Her philosophy is rooted in BALANCE. Total wellness takes into account Food, Movement, Mindfulness, and Sleep. She believes that only YOU have the powerful ability to impact the way you feel on a daily basis. Working with her you'll learn to listen to the signals your body is sending you and make adjustments based on your own individual needs.

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