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I am Teresa, a Scientist turned Functional Nutritionist.I moved to the USA from Mexico at the age of 35 to continue my scientific training at Yale University. Like you, I struggled most of my life with poor health and frequent sickness. I had a really hard time adapting to a different culture, a different language and VERY different food after immigrating to the USA. These imposed adaptations, on top of a highly stressful academic life, wreaked havoc on my health.After much struggle, I decided to try the Paleo Diet and I could not believe how much my health improved! However, this diet removes a number of nourishing foods that are very important to my heritage, so I have learned, through ancestral wisdom, how to reintroduce them into my diet without negatively affecting my health. This inspired me to obtain formal nutrition education, so I could help others discover the power of nourishing food and achieve similar results as me.My practice is committed to helping intuitive, inquisitive women of color who feel like they've been dealing with poor health their whole life, to discover ways they can turn their lives around and be the best version of themselves.