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Elise is a Master of Public Health and FNTP, RWP-2 from southeast Michigan who loves seeing one-on-one clients in her nutritional therapy practice, where she helps people figure out the root of their digestive issues and live a more worry-free life. She helps educate her clients on the intricacies of digestion, nutrition myths, how to spot food sensitivities, and so much more. Taking what she learned through the Nutritional Therapy Association, in combination with her graduate school education and additional training in functional stool and blood testing, she meets each bio-individual client where they are and finds the right ways to motivate them to take charge of their health. She works with people of all ages and seasons of life, including pregnant/lactating moms and children. When she’s not living out these passions, she can be found challenging herself in her workouts or boating with her husband and son on their local rivers and lakes.

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