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Featuring our Annual Partner, Innate Response Formulas, transparent, ethical, and real food supplements

Feb 27, 2019 | Announcements, Interviews, Nutrition Articles, Perspectives | 0 comments

Innate Response

We’re proud to introduce one of our Annual Partners, INNATE Response Formulas, innovators of nutrient-dense supplements.

About INNATE Response

Who they are

“We are the human body’s biggest fans.”

INNATE Response was founded in 2003 and is dedicated to producing real food, plant-based, and thoughtfully crafted supplements to support the body’s innate ability to heal itself. They are committed to wholistic practitioners who support their clients through this paradigm. 

What they believe

“We believe in moving back towards wholeness.”

With respect to reductionist medicine, INNATE Response believes that “wholism” is the view from which we should look at the body. Medicinal innovation is only but a part of wholism and there is “a complex entity encompassing body, mind, emotions, and spirit.” Through their formulas, they aim to connect practitioners, clients, and patients to this consciousness. 

How they formulate

“We start with food.”

INNATE Response understands that in order for supplements to remain the most nutritionally potent and viable, the process in which they extract nutrients must be strategic and minimal. They use innovative technology to gently extract the nutrients through cold-milling, reactor tanks, and then a low-heat refractant drier. This process maintains optimal color, nutrients, and phytonutrients. 

INNATE Response’s commitment to quality

“We do what’s right.”

They are committed to respecting the ecosystem through the sourcing of supplies. They do their best to make as much of their product certified organic and non-GMO-verified as possible. They seek relationships with small, independent family farms and fairly traded ingredients.

Join us at the conference!

Innate Response will be joining us at our Annual Conference, Roots in Portland, OR, March 1-3. If you’re wanting to meet them in person and learn more about their company, purchase your conference ticket today! 

Learn more about INNATE Response Formulas and their transparent process.