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Faces of the NTA: Meet Janine Martin Horst

Apr 17, 2019 | Behind the Scenes, Interviews | 0 comments

Faces Of The NTA: Meet Janine Martin Horst

Get to know Janine Martin Horst

How long have you worked for the NTA? What is your role? 

I’ve worked for NTA since 2013 when I came on as an assistant instructor for the NTA’s Portland class.  I have been a lead instructor for the NTP program since 2015.  Currently, I teach the Portland, OR, Herndon, VA, and Vancouver, WA venues.

What attracted you to work at the NTA? 

When I graduated from the program in 2010, I had no thoughts of working for the NTA. I just knew that I loved the NTA classroom so much that I had to come back as a group leader. After one year as a group leader, I didn’t want to leave and I applied for a second. I loved being in the classroom and helping students grow into practitioners so much that when Cathy Eason approached me about applying to be an assistant instructor during my second-year group leading, I jumped on the opportunity. I love seeing all the lightbulb moments that happen for students throughout the course; watching their confidence grow and seeing the difference they make in their clients and communities.    

What do you love about working for the NTA? 

I love the heart-centered focus of our organization and community, how we take care of one another and our students, and are always striving to be better.  We’ve come through some hard times as a team but I think it has made us stronger and more compassionate. 

What are you most proud about accomplishing in your time at the NTA to date? 

Graduating around 300 amazing practitioners and sending them out into the world to make change. Moderating a panel at the NTA conference with two of my nutrition heroes: Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride and Dr. Terry Wahls.  Helping to create, write and film content for the new Evolution of the Modern Diet Module. 



Janine Canoeing

Describe the NTA in three words? 

Passionate, compassionate, community. 

Describe yourself in three words 

Creative, kind, and kinda-weird 🙂 



What do you love the most about our community? 

How much fun we can have together geeking out about all things food, nutrition, and health related.  Where else can I find a group of people who will talk about poop with me? 

What is your favorite fat? 

Butter, duh 🙂 

What is your least favorite food? 

Bell peppers—I think peppers should be hot (chilis!) or kind of smokey flavored (hello, shishito peppers) but can’t stand it when they are sweet. 

Janine And Fam

What’s your most used cookbook or recipe blog and why? 

I have a ton of cookbooks, but mostly I tend to read them like novels and then use them as inspiration to do my own thing.  I tend to do the same thing with blogs as well and don’t have any one blog that is a go-to right now but I’ve been enjoying trying new curry recipes lately so if you looked at my search history, you’ll find that trend. 

What are you reading (or listening to) right now? 

I just read ROAR by Stacy Sims to review for possible inclusion in our curriculum.  It was awesome and I learned so much about female physiology and performance needs.  I also just finished the novel, The From-Aways, by CJ Hauser; an interesting look at a small town in Maine dealing with gentrification, economic downturn, and other big changes. 

For listening, I love story podcasts and I am always looking for new recommendations.  My go-tos include: The Moth Radio Hour, Modern Love, This American Life, Snap Judgement, and Levar Burton Reads.  

In your mind, what are the biggest challenges the holistic health community faces? 

Inclusion: making sure that real food and holistic nutrition knowledge is accessible to all people no matter their race, location, or socio-economic situation and making sure that all voices have a place at the table. 


Watch Janine on a recent Facebook Live. Here she talks about her journey to the NTA and becoming a Lead Instructor:

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