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Faces of The NTA: Meet Daniele Della Valle

Apr 11, 2019 | Behind the Scenes, Interviews | 0 comments

Faces Of The NTA: Daniele Della Valle 1

Get to know Daniele Della Valle

How long have you worked for the NTA? What is your role?
I have been with the NTA for almost a year as an Associate Instructor  

What attracted you to work at the NTA? 
The mission of healing the world, I became a group leader as soon as I could and started the process 

What do you love about working for the NTA? 
I love the freedom to be your own person, I love the fostering of creativity, individuality, and authenticity  

What are you most proud about accomplishing in your time at NTA to date? 
Honestly there are too many things. I have done a few curriculum videos, created content, emcee’ed our Annual Conference, played a part in creating Foundational Wellness. I have loved every bit of it!! 

Daniele Della Valle

Describe the NTA in three words?

Focused. Innovative. Community  


Describe yourself in three words

Rebel. Creative. Energetic  


What do you love the most about our community? 
I love that people are allowed to be themselves and that there is no one size fits all  

What is your favorite fat? 
Tied between Duck Fat and Butter  

What is your least favorite food? 

What’s your most used cook book or recipe blog and why? 
I typically don’t use recipes, but if I did it would be, Tasty Yummies Blog or Nutrient Dense Kitchen Book  

What are you reading (or listening to) right now? 
Disrupt-Her by Miki Agrawal  

In your mind, what are the biggest challenges the holistic health community faces?

I honestly think the biggest challenge is lack of integration overall. There are too many cliques and evangelists. It makes us no better than the Medical standard, If we actually realized that nutrition is 100% Bioindivudality and removed the shame and guilt from the choices people make and learned to respect each camp as a whole we would be able to band together – work with the standard medical community as well and create integration across all fronts. We are stronger together!  


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