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Corporate Wellness Coaching With Catalyst Coaching Institute

Jun 14, 2018 | Perspectives | 0 comments

A review by Nutritional Therapy Association Director of Education, Matt Smith.  Matt Smith and his team are responsible for ensuring the highest quality student experience by developing new programs, enhancing core NTA offerings, and managing the instructor team. Matt comes to the NTA with almost 20 years experience in higher education and corporate training.  He holds a Masters degree in Adult Education, an executive leadership development certification as well as the NTP certification. He and his wife Molly both live the Colorado lifestyle, being outside as much as possible and competing in triathlons where Matt has qualified for the Ironman World Championships 5 times.
Why would an NTP/ NTC who is focused on a clinical or individual client practice want to become a Certified Corporate Wellness Coach?  Recently, I had the opportunity to complete the Certified Corporate Wellness Coach program with the Catalyst Coaching Institute based in Colorado and quickly realized this is one certification that every graduate from the Nutritional Therapy Association needs to consider. Being a freshly minted NTP myself, I was looking for CEU opportunities that would help me better understand the gluconeogenesis process, become more comfortable with clinical evaluations, grasp the hormonal development pathways, or how to help clients with auto-immune deficiencies. As I personally started working with clients, I realized that more clinical education wasn’t what I needed. I had the resources provided by NTA to be able to find the answers to more unique clinical applications, but what I needed was the ability to quickly take a deeper dive into my client’s bio-individual habits, choices, and lifestyle decisions. I needed to learn to do a thorough interview and uncover the underlying issues that a therapeutic diet would never address. Enter Catalyst Coaching Institute. The Catalyst Coaching Institute program is one of the most recognized wellness coaching certifications being recognized by numerous organizations including being a preferred CEU provider for the NTA. Like an NTA certification, it is one of the only programs where graduates can immediately sit for the national board exam for wellness coaches. The program at Catalyst Coaching Institute was eye-opening, to say the least. I personally did the fast track program so we spent a long weekend solely focused on Motivational Interviewing skills and client consultations. I quickly learned advanced listening techniques, how to work with clients in a telephonic setting, and how to use guided questions to help clients set their own goals. I also had the opportunity to customize the follow-up education through a series of online webinars. Truth be told, being an employee at NTA limits the time I must work with clients one-on-one, but I found that the skills I acquired in the long workshop weekend like advanced Motivational Interviewing have significantly helped in getting to the root of client issues and I’ve seen a massive uptick in client compliance with my recommendations as we set goals together. It may not always be 100% the protocol I had in mind when I started working with them, but with a higher level of compliance they are much more likely to take more advanced recommendations seriously and their healing journey moves at a faster rate as well. Whether you are considering working solo, in a group, or corporate wellness environment, I would highly recommend the Catalyst Coaching Institute Certified Wellness Coach program as an augment to your NTA education. You will see immediate results in client consults and compliance. They also have a great business program where you get significant one-on-one support from their Coaching MBA team. Since Catalyst Coaching Institute is an NTA Preferred Provider, you will get pre-approved CEU credits as well as a discount on taking the program!
Learn more about the wellness coaching certification and the C-MBA program by checking out the free introductory workshop! Students can use the code NTA in the promo box when registering to save $50 off the $499 price.
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