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Cellular Detoxification and Regeneration Through Incandescent Sauna Therapy

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Guest post by SaunaSpace Founder, Brian Richards

What is Cellular Detoxification, How Does It Work in the Incandescent Sauna and Why Is It Important For Our Health?

In our modern toxic world, environmental exposure to chemical and EMF pollution that damage our cells and our DNA is unavoidable. Our modern lifestyle lacks the ancestral healing environment of daily sunlight, natural food, and rhythm to keep us healthy, and it overexposes us to flickering blue-only LED & fluorescent light, air conditioning, and other uniquely modern phenomena. On top of that, the sheer volume of health technologies and gadgets available in 2018 to help us take corrective action is bewildering.

What will have the most powerful, positive impact on your health, yet is safe and convenient to use at home and doesn’t require too much time investment? Answer: Incandescent Sauna Therapy!

A 20-minute incandescent sauna session is the best bang for your buck in taking care of your body on a daily basis. Incandescent Saunas (also called Near Infrared Saunas, more on this name later) provide a safe and effective way to not only detox but to repair the damage we incur from life in this toxic world.


Raising cell temperature by 3°F for about 5 minutes in the sauna is called hyperthermic (“heating up”) therapy, which has been shown to reduce all-cause mortality, improve longevity, and regenerate and strengthen the body’s cells and systems.


Cellular and Full Body Detoxification that is Safe, Effective and Enjoyable.

  • HSPs are little cellular repair-men who are dormant at resting body temperature, but sally forth from the nucleus upon/during cellular heat shock and chaperone immune bodies, repair and refold misfolded proteins, and increase vasodilation, tissue oxygenation, and metabolic activity. Bottom line: cellular detoxification is dramatically improved as a result of HSP production, and HSP production happens during cellular heat shock.
  • Raising the whole body’s core temp this much activates parasympathetic sweating: the most effective, least energetic means of detoxification available. We can sweat out almost any toxin on Earth!

General Health and Athletic Performance Enhancements that Everyone Needs.

Passive Sauna Sweating is Detoxing, Active Exercise Sweating Only Cooling. Know the Difference!

This National Geographic article claims to debunk the myth that we can detoxify with sauna use.

But their argument is very misleading, as they conflate passive sweating in the sauna with high-intensity exercise sweating. Their expert Pascal Imbeault says that harmful pollutant levels are so low in sweat that it’s meaningless, but he concludes this based on his findings that a “typical person doing 45 minutes of high-intensity exercise a day could sweat a total of two liters a day—normal background perspiration included—and all that sweat would contain less than one-tenth of a nanogram of these pollutants.”

Numerous studies of passive sweating during sauna use completely debunk the debunkers here, but the Townsend Letter article “Chemical Exposures at the World Trade Center” is an exhaustively referenced slam-dunk argument that using the sauna provides massive, life-saving detoxification. The 9/11 NYC rescue workers were put through over 2 hours of Finnish sauna use per day combined with vitamin, niacin and mineral support. The results? A dramatic reduction in blood toxin levels at the end of the study: between 69-90% reduction in toxic chemicals like toluene and xylene to which the rescue workers were exposed.


So Why is Passive Sweating Physically and Energetically So Different than Active Sweating?

Our autonomic nervous system duality has the answer: the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous states. During sympathetic dominance, our “fight or flight” systems gear up, shunting blood flow away from the vitals toward the muscles and lungs. All of our body’s cellular energy is prioritized toward survival from the threatening environmental stress. The cells are not geared toward repair, regeneration, and detoxification, so of course, the toxin concentration of sweat excreted during sympathetic dominance won’t have many toxins; the cells are not detoxing!

Conversely, in the parasympathetic state, our “rest and digest” systems kick in. Blood flow is directed to the internal organs and cellular energy, not needed for external stress response systems, is available for repair, rejuvenation, and detoxification, all of which require a lot of energy.

It’s that simple.




Our Cells Eat Full Spectrum Incandescent Light!

Photobiomodulation (PBM, low-level light therapy, mitochondrial stimulation, mito-stim, or simply light therapy) literally means light activating biological systems.

PBM has been shown mostly to occur from 400-1400 nm, which includes visible light and the high-frequency part of infrared called near infrared. The even narrower sublet of 600-1000 nm (red light and a portion of near infrared) is known as the ‘mitochondrial stimulation band’ because only these wavelengths of light are absorbed by the cytochrome-c oxidase, a light receptor enzyme in our mitochondria.

When light from within this band of wavelengths is absorbed by the cells of the human body, the cell responds by increasing ATP production (cellular energy), releasing Nitrous Oxide, and forming Reactive Oxygen Species – all of which work to produce a wide array of indirect effects in the cells and tissues called the mitochondrial functions.

Some of the mitochondrial functions are:

  • DNA repair (anti-aging)
  • Inflammatory mediator production
  • Increased Growth Factor production
  • Increased tissue oxygenation
  • Boosted cellular regeneration

What does this do for the whole body?

Near Infrared Light Converts Lazy, Inactive Water into Structured Water, Which Helps NIr Stimulate the Cells!

Gerald Pollack is famous for demonstrating that infrared light from sunlight transforms “regular” water into a more biologically active and relevant “structured” state. Michael Hamblin suggests that near-infrared light regulates cellular heat-gated ion channels via absorption by structured water, e.g., most of the wavelengths from the hot incandescent light source structure the water, then additional near-infrared light facilitates operation of cellular heat-gated ion channels.


How does this affect the Detoxification of the Heat Therapy?

All these light therapy effects support and facilitate cellular detoxification, making it less stressful on the body and more effective. It’s no coincidence that near infrared sauna is considered to be the most tolerable sauna session available, especially for those of physical infirmity, neuropathies, heat sensitivity and EMF sensitivities. High temperature & high EMF-emitting far infrared and steam saunas are just not an option for these folks.

Bonus Fact: Many steam sauna protocols, like the aforementioned Hubbard Protocol, recommend high-dose niacin to activate the body’s nitrous oxide cycle. But, in the incandescent sauna, the PBM activates the nitrous oxide cycle by causing the nitrous oxide to be released from the cell the stimulated cytochrome c. So, we don’t need niacin dosing in the incandescent sauna therapy, because near infrared light is serving the same purpose.


Notice Any Overlap Here?

Many of these light effects are the same as or similar to those of heat therapy. Ancestrally, we enjoyed both under the sun, passively sweating and in parasympathetic nervous state most of the time. And, we were not subject to any man-made EMF stress.


What Does Incandescent Sauna Therapy Look Like?

Incandescence describes when a material emits light naturally upon being heated to high enough temperatures; think of red-hot metal, the campfire, and the sun.



Incandescence is decidedly not monochromatic in terms of the wavelengths of light that it produces. Our incandescent bulbs produce what we call full-spectrum light, in a wavelength emission curve that spans, with our bulb’s red filter from ~550 to over 4000 nanometers. To visualize, think about the example of the sun: the sun’s light gives us every shade of every color of the rainbow.

Incandescent Lamps emit primarily Near-Infrared Wavelengths (700-1500 nm), that’s why they are often referred to as Near Infrared Lamps and Near Infrared Sauna Therapy.



In Incandescent Sauna Therapy we use four 250W red-filtered incandescent heat lamps with filaments that burn at about 2450K (spectrum below). Higher wattage heat lamps have much higher irradiance levels to ensure therapeutic levels of PBM are delivered to the sauna user, and to achieve a controlled & efficient increase in body temperature. The red glass filters out the small amount of blue light emitted by the 2450K incandescent light source.

Of all man-made light emitting technologies, the incandescent lamp’s spectrum most closely mimics the natural spectrum of sunlight. Our ancestors did passive sweating, photobiomodulation (mitochondrial stimulation) and parasympathetic relaxation naked under the sun’s incandescent light on a daily basis. With incandescent lamps, we can conveniently benefit from this powerful healing in at home in our modern lives.



Sit in a hypoallergenic enclosed space that can hold the air temperature above 100˚F, about 1.5-2 ft away from 4 faraday-shielded, guarded 250W incandescent heat lamps aligned with your torso. Rotate about 90˚ every 5 minutes or so until you achieve at least 5 minutes of strong torso sweating.

You want to promote nervous relaxation, detox, and healing, so avoid any stimulating distractions like games or video watching. Many people like to read. I recommend doing Four Square Breathing as a simple, accessible meditative practice that everyone can enjoy.


Why is Near Infrared Light more Effective for Cellular Detoxification Response than Far Infrared and/or Steam?



Water absorbs different wavelengths of light to varying degrees. See below in the Water Absorption Spectrum that near-infrared wavelengths consistently penetrate tissue 2-3 orders of magnitude deeper than far infrared wavelengths (or steam) will ever penetrate.

Incandescent sauna works by heating the body radiantly, from within. Incandescent light begins heating up your organs as soon as you start the session.

Far infrared sauna manufacturers try to claim FIR heats better, but you can’t fool the frugal farmer. We’ve trusted our near-infrared incandescent heat lamps, not far infrared emitters, for over 100 years to raise our livestock and keep them happy and healthy.


Why Does Protection From Man-Made EMF Matter?

We evolved on the earth, surrounded by the natural frequencies of Nature. Our bodies are fundamentally more electromagnetic than biochemical or biological. Electrons move down a voltage gradient along our mitochondrial membranes in our cells. Our blood-brain barrier is a voltage gate. The autonomic nervous system’s electrical signaling keeps our basic survival functions running 24/7.

Just as the modern chemical pollution poisons our air and water, so too does the man-made electrosmog infects every particle of our existence. Dirty electricity, microwave cell-phone signals, wifi, magnetic fields from transformer and power lines, and more.

All these electric, microwave and magnetic field act as nervous system stressors to our bodies and degrade everything, even though they are non-ionizing and non-thermal electromagnetic radiation. A growing body of studies confirm the deleterious, poisonous effects of all this man-made emf on our health:

How Does an Incandescent Sauna Differ From Other Saunas in Benefits, Look and Feel?


Primary Technology Incandescent, the real full spectrum in the natural power curve that most closely mimics sunlight Far infrared ceramic carbon emitters for heat, LEDs for PBM
Light Therapy

Ancestral with the full complement of all the PBM Wavelengths in the wavelength power distribution closely matching that of sunlight


Irradiance = 30-92 mW/cm2 @12-24 inches from lamp face

LED: monochromatic, digital, fractionated light quality

Irradiance depends on device, often below 10 mW/cm2

Flicker Stress



Incandescent heat lamps do not flicker



LEDs flicker at 120 times per second

Bluetooth, LED Dirty Electricity Leakage None Yes, Bluetooth is high frequency RF, and LEDs increase already high electric field stress of the FIR emitters
Heat Therapy Radiant, most efficient Conductive surface heating, less efficient
Electric Field Stress on the Body None, if professionally shielded High, as in 1000s of V/m
Magnetic Field Stress on the Body None, if professionally mitigated Typically 30-50 mG field at the emitter grille
Look and Feel

Light source has 4 250W incandescent heat lamps.


It’s a portable cabana that goes anywhere and fits anywhere.

FIR emitters look like black panels or long skinny ceramic tubes in shallow lamp housings that are built into the walls.


Always the big “cabinet” style.

User Accessibility Most tolerable of all saunas Less well tolerated by those with sensitivity/weakness.


Similar to the Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna above, but without the LEDs.


Same as the Far Infrared Sauna above, but the high EMF emitters are closer to your body. These Half Saunas miss half the body and miss the point of sauna: relaxation and healing, not a place to conveniently do more computer work. We all have brain toxins and need healing there too.


Same as the Far Infrared Sauna technology and EMF-wise, but tend to be even higher on the electric field rating. I’ve seen them measure at 65,000 µV. Again, no benefits for the arms and head.


Looks like a white coffin. It’s a steam sauna with ozonated steam. Head sticks out. Not very enjoyable feng shui. Possibly high EMF but can’t confirm as I’ve not measured one myself yet.


Incandescent sauna wins, hands down. Read my thorough discussion on this topic.

Where Does SaunaSpace Fit into All This Incandescent Sauna Therapy?


SaunaSpace is on the leading edge of Incandescent Therapy. We pioneered the portable incandescent sauna design as it is known today. Often imitated but never bested, we’ve redefined the consumer home sauna to be incandescent, accessible and beautifully minimalist.


I had some serious toxin-related issues: insomnia, mind-racing, acne on my torso, a lot of brain fog, lethargy, pessimism…what I understand now was adrenal fatigue.

I didn’t want to take a prescription for Accutane. I sought out a natural solution that would address the root of the problem, which I came to understand was toxicity. I needed a natural way to detoxify. After coming across the works of Dr. Lawrence Wilson and near infrared lamp sauna therapy, I built my own.

This was seven years ago. I had such an incredible, life-changing recovery. My insomnia went away within days of using this near infrared lamp sauna. And then, over six or more months, my skin issues and brain fog slowly resolved. Things that I initially was unaware of with me improved.

I’m now more clear-minded, more focused, more effective, more positive, more patient, less uncertain, less lost and spacey. I wake up in the morning just feeling better.

This near-infrared lamp sauna turns out to be a higher benefit and lower risk than any conventional offering, period. That translates to better value for the health consumer…but, I was astonished to find no quality near infrared lamp sauna product existed. And now, after 7 years of design iteration and field-testing by over 7000 happy customers, I’ve learned to respect that good things take time to become great.


Our safe design elements, from our rigid wireform faraday guards to our exceptionally hypoallergenic material sourcing, brings sauna access to almost anyone regardless of health issue, chemical or EMF sensitivity or physical infirmity. Our patent-pending portable connectors, faraday guards and other totally unique design elements set us apart. SaunaSpace’s Incandescent Light Panels are designed to fully mitigate all internal EMF emission, guaranteeing our products deliver zero EMF stress to the user.

We are a team of almost two dozen artisans and crewmembers, diligently hardworking and improving our Lifetime Warrantied products in our Columbia, Missouri Shop. We stand confidently behind our product with our 100 Day Moneyback Guarantee, and Free Shipping both ways in the USA and Canada. We find that most keep it!

The SaunaSpace catalog has options for everybody. The Single Light Panel for ultra-portable targeted therapy for any localized body issue. The 4 Light Panel to upgrade your old FIR cabinet to Incandescent. Our marquee Full Body Incandescent Pocket Sauna. We even have a Shower Converter Kit to turn your standard shower stall into a beautiful SaunaSpace.

Our latest invention, the Zero EMF Oasis Sauna, is the world’s 1st Faraday Cage Sauna. Our Faraday Sauna guarantees full protection from EXTERNAL EMF. It’s an optional upgrade to our Pocket Sauna that features our one-of-a-kind Zero EMF Grounding and Shielding System that grounds the user in seconds, prevents low-frequency electric fields from entering & attenuates almost all high-frequency RF.

SaunaSpace is the Sun in your home and the Earth under your feet, protected from all this modern EMF mess. Welcome back to 1878.


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