Career Development Course Policies:

Cancellation Policy: 

Students enrolled in the Career Development Course may cancel their enrollment and receive a full refund up until the Sunday prior to the start of class. Once class starts, students are no longer eligible for a refund. A full refund will be issued if the class is canceled by the NTA due to failure to meet minimum class size of students. The NTA reserves the right to approve or deny all registrations and to cancel any class due to low enrollment.  

 Deferral Policy: 

If a student encounters an unexpected life event that prevents them from fully engaging in the course, they may request to defer their enrollment from the original Career Development Course offering to the next available course offering as determined by the Academic team. There is a non-refundable deferral fee required to move enrollment to another start date. The deferral fee is assessed at 20% of the retail price of tuition for the original course enrollment. Deferring to a new course does not re-qualify the student for refund eligibility; the originally paid tuition remains non-refundable.  

Technical Requirements:  

Students will be required to access their coursework through the online learning platform called Canvas. High-speed Internet access and the ability to work in an online environment is required. Students may need to solicit outside technical support at their own expense if they need help learning to use computers or experience difficulties accessing the course content due to an issue or limitation of their device. 

 Code of Conduct:  

The NTA works to foster a learning environment that is open and accepting of diverse opinions, experiences, and beliefs. We value the exchange of ideas and knowledge and are committed to ensuring the classroom is a safe space for all students to contribute and participate. Whether engaging in online classroom discussions or conference calls, the NTA requires that all students behave professionally, respectfully, and constructively in all interactions. Any student who disrupts the learning environment or creates an unsafe atmosphere physically or emotionally for other students will first be spoken to by the instructor. If the behavior continues, additional action will be taken by the NTA to preserve the positive learning experience of the class, which could include an NTA Initiated Drop. Students must refrain from sharing any Zoom recordings from their class with any party, including students in other classrooms, friends, family members, or other organizations to protect the privacy of other students involved in the class calls. Students must also keep any personal information shared by peers in the classroom confidential. 

 ADA Policy:  

The Nutritional Therapy Association is committed to serving all students and will provide reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities in accordance to our ADA Policy. Students must request accommodations and provide the necessary documentation 6 weeks prior to the start of class. For full policy details, please visit NutritionalTherapy.com.  

Anti-Harassment Policy:  

The Nutritional Therapy Association, INC. prohibits any and all types of harassment, sexual harassment, or discrimination of its Instructors, Students, Mentors, or Staff by other Instructors, Students, Mentors, Staff, or outside parties. Harassment or discrimination based on race, color, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, pregnancy, marital status, national origin, disability, veteran status, or other protected status, negatively affects morale, motivation, and job performance. It is inappropriate, offensive, and will not be tolerated. Any Instructor, Student, Course Mentor or Staff who is aware of any instances of harassment, sexual harassment, or discrimination and is not comfortable addressing the concern with the individuals involved should report the alleged act immediately to the VP of Academics or the CEO of the NTA. If the Instructor, Student, Course Mentor or Staff is uncomfortable discussing the matter with the NTA staff, they should report the alleged act immediately to any member of the Board of Directors of the Nutritional Therapy Association, INC.