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Thank you for your interest in sharing the word about NTA!

Here you will find the guidelines for usage of NTA’s Logo and other brand assets.

The Nutritional Therapy Association (NTA) brand includes the words, phrases, symbols, collateral, photos and other distinctive brand features associated with the NTA and our services (“Brand Assets”).

We provide alumni with the following Brand Assets:

  • Logo
  • Foundations image
  • Classroom photos


Before using the NTA logo or other Brand Assets, please be sure to follow our basic rules:

  • Don’t alter the shape, proportion, color or orientation of the logos or image or photos. Keep items exactly as it appears in the version we provide.
  • You may use these Brand Assets without explicit permission from the NTA as long as:


  1. You use your best judgment when using our Brand Assets and ensure that the content you provide along with the NTA’s Brand Assets align with the NTA’s mission and values.


  1. You are not using NTA Branded Assets in a manner that indicates the NTA’s endorsement of a product or a service you create. If the placement of the NTA’s Branded Assets could be misconstrued as an endorsement for a product or service, the following disclaimer must appear as a footnote:

The Nutritional Therapy Association’s (NTA) logo, images and photos have been provided by the NTA for informational use only and do not indicate the NTA’s endorsement or representation of any product or service.

Note: You do not need to use this footnote when expressing your experience with the NTA’s programs or services or when describing your education with the NTA.


  1. You understand that if you are unsure about whether it is appropriate to use our provided Brand Assets OR if you would like to use Brand Assets other than what we have provided, you need to ask permission of the NTA. If so, please contact us at nta@nutritionaltherapy.com.


Click the image to download the graphics below.


Foundations Graphic

Click the image to download the graphic.

Classroom Images

Click the image to download the images.


Want to tell people what nutritional therapy is all about?


Our free, online email course, Nutritional Therapy 101, is the perfect way to introduce friends, family, clients, and prospective clients to nutritional therapy. 

Simply send them this link to sign up:  bit.ly/nutritionaltherapy101

Once they sign up, they will begin receiving the free, self-guided email course and start learning the Foundations of optimal health. Each day of the course, students will receive a short video recorded with an NTA Lead Instructor as well as a PDF 1-pager that includes a summary of the video’s main ideas and action steps.



Want to provide an even deeper look into nutritional therapy? 

You’re welcome to share the below recorded Live Info Session with Lead Instructor Cathy Eason:

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