Non-Graduate Membership


The Nutritional Therapy Association has three levels of Membership:

  • Basic Level | FREE Indefinitely with limited benefits [Not Considered Full Member]
  • Community Membership | $159 for 2 Years [Open to Non-Graduates or Those Not Wishing to Maintain their Credential]
  • Graduate Membership | $199 for 2 Years [For NTP and NTC Graduates Only]

If you are an NTP or NTC student, you get Community Membership from when you start the class until the day you graduate, after which you get two years of a free trial of Graduate Membership.

If you are a NTP or NTC graduate, see the Graduate Membership page.


Basic Level accounts on the NTA website allows you to access free informational videos, recipes, and our new Nutritional Therapy 101 course. Get your feet wet in the Nutritional Therapy Community and see if our message resonates with you!

If you want more benefits and discounts to our conferences and summits, you will want to upgrade. There are two Full Member Levels, and you don’t have to be a graduate to join. Read below to learn more!

Create A Basic Account


Join a growing community of like-minded professionals seeking to reconnect people with healing foods and vibrant health. Our community has expanded beyond NTA program graduates to include healthcare professionals as well as those interested in improving their health and the health of those around them, creating a richly diverse atmosphere where conversations become valuable resources.

NTA membership provides tools and resources, ongoing education, networking opportunities, and a vibrant community for students, professionals, and individuals passionate about changing the healthcare paradigm with nutritional therapy.

Check out our Core Values and see if they resonate with you. If they do, then we’d love for you to join our tribe!


✓ An NTA Community Member Certificate, suitable for framing (coming soon!)
✓ Subscription to The Live Nourished Journal, the NTA’s annual magazine (coming soon!)
✓ Access to the Community Members-only area of the NTA website (coming soon!)
✓ Exclusive member discount for the NTA Annual Conference and other NTA events
✓ Exclusive 10% member discount on NTA Shop items
✓ Access to Continuing Education opportunities
✓ Eligibility to license Nutri-Q, the NTA’s Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire software (subscription sold separately)
✓ A $150 reward for each referral to the NTP or NTC program (non-member rate is $75)