Non-Graduate Membership


The Nutritional Therapy Association has 2 levels of Membership:

  • Basic Level | FREE Indefinitely with limited benefits [Not Considered Full Member]
  • Graduate Membership | $199 for 2 Years [For NTP and NTC Graduates Only]

If you are an NTP or NTC student, you get two years of a free trial of Graduate Membership.

If you are a NTP or NTC graduate, see the Graduate Membership page.


Basic Level accounts on the NTA website allows you to access free informational videos, recipes, and our new Nutritional Therapy 101 course. Get your feet wet in the Nutritional Therapy Community and see if our message resonates with you!

If you want more benefits and discounts to our conferences and summits, you will want to upgrade. There are two Full Member Levels, and you don’t have to be a graduate to join. Read below to learn more!

Create A Basic Account


If you are a graduate of the NTP or NTC program, and do not already have graduate level access, please contact the office at (800)-918-9798 to inquire about your status.