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Bacon Popcorn

Jan 20, 2017 | Recipes | 0 comments


1/3 cup rendered bacon fat ½ cup popcorn fine grain sea salt small flake nutritional yeast granulated garlic


Heat a large, heavy-bottomed pot over medium-high heat and add chicken fat to melt. Put in just a few popcorn kernels to start with. When one of the kernels pops, you’ll know the fat is hot enough. Then add the rest of the popcorn, cover the pot, and reduce heat to medium. Shake the pot about every 30 seconds while they are popping to make sure they don’t burn. When you can count at least 3 seconds between pops, remove pot from the heat. Stir with a large spoon and coat with a generous amount of nutritional yeast and salt and garlic to taste. When cool, you can put in a container for later (if it lasts that long). Then primary nutritional benefit of this recipe is to keep you away from less healthy snack options. I make this or another popcorn recipe twice a week and take it to work with me so I am not tempted by the snack machines. Popcorn is a low glycemic index food. The bacon fat is a healthy fat (especially if from pastured pork). It is stable at the temperatures required to pop corn and contains fat-soluble vitamins. The nutritional yeast is a good source of B vitamins. Sea salt contains a good balance of trace minerals. Garlic is an immune booster. Bacon popcorn will get people’s attention. The response is usually a surprised, “Bacon popcorn?!!”


The easiest method: Just save drippings when you cook bacon & keep it in a container in the freezer for use in frying and popcorn making. Alternate method: Dice pieces of bacon fat into tiny pieces and put in a pot with a couple if Tablespoons of water. Cook over medium-low heat until fat is rendered and the pieces float on top and look shriveled. Pour through a strainer and save rendered fat in freezer. The pieces you strained out are cracklings and can be blotted on paper towels and eaten as a snack or used as a topping on other things.