Apply to Be Pre-Approved for CEUs

Do you have a course or certification program that you would like to have pre-approved for CEUs? Fill out the CEU Program Provider Application and email it to nta@nutritionaltherapy.com. Your course will be reviewed by a staff member and you’ll be contacted to let you know whether your course was approved. NTA Pre-Approval for CEUs Application

FAQs About Being Pre-Approved for CEUs

Is it required to have an affiliate program to be a part of your CEU program? This isn’t required, but if you have an affiliate program, please let us know and give us all relevant details in your application. How do you promote approved programs to your graduates/members? Courses that are approved for CEUs go on our CEU Opportunities page. How many graduates/members do you have in your organization? We have nearly 5000 NTP and NTC graduates.